The Body Shop – OOHTEEKAY/

26 Jul

2M/f; time: 55 minutes

Cecil B.  and Christina Carter in another long film, mostly an homage to Ms. Carter’s naked body.

Christina argues with the service attendant (Cecil B.) at the counter of an automobile  body shop. Haven’t we all been there? However, not too many of us have lost our pants in the process. Cecil bends her over the counter, has her skirt up; soon she takes her blouse off, she goes OTK, her black panties come down, she kneels on the floor, he pulls her bra down, a hairbrush materializes from somewhere in the shop, she kneels on a chair displaying full charms, this session ends, she dresses.

This improbable string of events would not be notable except for the Reubenesque body of Ms. Carter, for which the whole sequence was devised. Cecil never spanks hard.

Another guy enters the office. What the hell, they will spank Christina all over again, together. After some more over-the-counter the three go out onto the shop floor for some diverting games which suggest no customers will be walking in.

Christina is made to strip naked. She embodies all the latest craze in TV-reality girls in one package. The boys tie her up, actually hogtie her, slowly, and gag her. She is partially released, then strung up, struggling professionally, with a ball gag muffling her gasps. Next she is tied spreadeagle over the hood of a car and given a thorough frigging, including a finger in her anus.

Released, hands tied behind her back, gagged again, she is locked into the trunk of a car, gangster-hit style. These elements of standard B&D are not fully consummated somehow, maybe the bonds are a bit too loose or Christina is  too compliant, but we’ve had almost an hour of her body, enough for both guys.

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