Total Embarrassment – MOOD PICTURES

26 Jul

2F/4f;  time: 1 hr, 25 minutes

The theme here reminds us of Raven Hill’s ‘Beach Girl Spankings,’ where the enterprising producers comb the beaches of Tampa and induce girls to be spanked on film for money. Mood takes the concept to another level, as you would expect, applying their distinct European intensity.

Mood’s ‘Kyra’ cruises the streets, looking for attractive, approachable single girls. In preparation for “Game One,” she convinces a tall blonde behind a retail counter, and two brunettes window-shopping, to return to the studio for a “party.”  The premise is–the girls will be guaranteed $2000 to play a quiz game, removing one article of clothing for each wrong answer. The first girl naked will be the loser and accept 50 strokes of the cane.

We have enjoyed various forms of the bottom-gamble: strip poker, shoots-and-ladders parlor games, straight poker, dice, where the loser, always an embarrassed, hesitant young lady, must concede and pay up the hard way. At Mood, rhis conclusion is downright terrifying. We have frequently turned away from Mood’s harshness, but here the girls’ reluctant compliance with the rules of the game and their desire to make money makes it more palatable for us.

The girls chat with Krya in an informal sitting room set, sweetly nervous,with self-conscious glances at the camera. The rules are repeated, including the caning penalty. The quiz on geography produces wrong answers. The girls must stand to undress. When bras come off and we’re down to panties and thongs, Kyra has to encourage the girls not to cover their nudity. On the last round, the big blonde wins by saving her white thong, her last garment, while the two brunettes become naked, both losing their panties on the last round. So both will  be caned.

The naked girls kneel on a low table with an inverted-U shaped frame in the middle, designed to keep their backs arched. Wrists are manacled; knees spread. The caning, on the buttocks and with access to the complete expanse of the thighs, is ferocious, done  by two women, alternate strokes, much wailing and gasping. “Dish your back. Stick it out.”

Game Two: Kyra back in the car for a windshield prowling search for sexy material. Brunette Suzy and frosted blond Daphne are persuaded, and after a quiz on countries and capital cities, the blonde is handing over her panties and headed for the table. “Get ready for the cane.”

Game Three: the screen prompt reads” “4 girls, two losers.” 2 brunettes and 2 blondes. Same studio quiz, foreign currencies. A blonde and a brunette get the right to scream through 50 toe-curling strokes, naked side-by-side on two tables.

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