Bare Bottom Brits #10 – XEROTICS

30 Jul

M/f; time: 57 minutes (in 4 parts)

Four short spanking stories, based on simple and familiar themes, with just a bit more pornographic reference than most CP films.

I-‘Angelina’ and ‘Lena,’ two brunettes, audition for a spanking film. An older woman will do the spanking test and offers a “soft” and “hard” version. Long-haired Angelina elects the soft route, is taken OTK and handsmacked on mostly bare cheeks in a photographer’s portrait setting. She flashes her tended mohawk when she gets up.

Lena elects ‘hard,’  hoping for a better part. It seems just a harder handspanking, but Lena likes it.  With her thong down, “….better than I expected, I’m getting wet.” The girls sit and masturbate, knees wide, while they discuss the experience with the interviewer. Lena is spanked again while Angelina finishes her orgasm, not the best we have seen (10 minutes).

II-‘Insolent Schoolgirl’  ‘Jodie,’ a sultry frosted blonde who would be a problem walking around your school halls, is called to the office. She has been seen shoplifting downtown. “You’re going to be thrashed, bare bottom, across my knee.” When he pulls down her pants, her bottom is already a little red, understandable for these episode-films. Jodie’s hazel eyes find the camera.

“Lift up your skirt, face me…humiliatiing, isn’t it?” Maybe, but not for the camera, which zooms in on her shaved charms. This segment concludes with a bend-over strapping, mostly sweet facials. (11 minutes)

III – ‘Lazy Secretary’: The blonde who played ‘Jodie’ above, on the same set, reading a magazine, loafing even though she called in on overtime to the office. Her boss, Peters, bawls her out: “Twenty years ago you’d have been over my knee.” The actress, mildly amused by all these corny lines, agrees to be spanked.

“Take off your dress.”  Pink bra and panties. OTK. An impressive tramp stamp tattoo. Good closeups, an effective handspanking. “Stand up…take those knickers off.” Lovely lady. Bra off, she is a charming cherub when nude. More OTK; this boss is certainly having some fun with his secretary on a Saturday afternoon.

Hands-on-head, naked at the wall; she laughs at the sight of his strap. Hands-on-chair, mild spanking, she keeps catching us with those eyes. The cane is next, just tappity-taps. Someone may have been preserving the bottom on this wonderful actress. This may be the most erotic performance we have seen from Jodie, who is nude for most of the film and quite comfortable about it. (21 minutes).

IV- “Schoolgirl Cheats”: Angelina and Lena, with the older schoolmarm, from the first episode of this film. A rather unique antique school desk is the central prop. Lena is spanked over the desk, bare bottom, “legs apart,” and confesses Angelina is her accomplice. She is made to face front, charms on display. Angelina called in, over the desk, white panties down. Lena back over the desk again, forced to spread her legs 36″, quite the show. Slow-motion slippering. This cameraman very interested in intimate views. (15 minutes)

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