Caning After Hours – CALSTAR

30 Jul

M/f; year: 1997; time: 15 minutes

An older guy, ‘Andy,’ seems to have care of a young lady, played by our cherished actress Alison Payne, who we have praised so much, to the point of obsession. She is as naughty and deserving here as in any film of hers you will see, all communicated in a brief 15 minutes. Long chestnut hair, charming face, and a wriggling body no spanking could ever subdue.

Alison begs to go out for the evening, wiggling and tempting with her body, wrapped in a short striped jersey dress. A 12:30 AM curfew is established, as he playfully slaps her bottom. “Be careful.” Andy knows she will be late and will have had a few drinks, setting up a stupendous opportunity for him, so he waits up, paddle/strap kept warm in his hand, as she gambols in at 1:10 AM.

“What’s that in your hand….why do I have to take a dose of that?” says Alison, when she sees the strap. He has filmed her ditching her last drink in the bushes as she arrives. There is the normal CP repartee Ms. Payne does so well, surely without rehearsal, as Andy gets her OTK. Skirt up, white panties, he smacks her glorious bottom, one of the treasures of the industry. She will be content with these attentions so long as Andy doesn’t tell her mother. Andy calls her a “temptress,” rightly so.

Andy bunches her panties then pulls them down. The camera zooms to hold her bottom full-screen. She struggles, but not too much. Andy is having a high old time with her, and she is not unaware. “Stand up…take your knickers down…off.” In one of our favorite moments in the film, Alison hands him her panties with saucy defiance; he refuses them and she tosses them aside.

“Pull your dress up.” She presents a completely unshaven thatch with the same casual insouciance and downright pride, as if to say ‘Like it?’  He sends her upstairs to get her nightie on while he gets his cane.

She returns in a slinky white satin affair and is surprised. “I thought I was getting the strap, not the cane!” She bends over a chair. He asks her to pull her nightie tight over her bottom. She takes 6 crackers on the satin–nobody whines and begs quite like Alison.

“Pull your skirt up.” Bare bottom, with some lines already drawn. She wasn’t wearing knickers. She takes 12 more, harder, and cannot keep count. Legs shake and quiver, bottom writhes. Gasps. Nightie back down, she is sent to bed with a few zingers ro spur her along.

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