Bare Bottom Brits #11 – XEROTICS

31 Jul

M/f; time: 50 minutes  6 parts

This series consists of short-segment films. The same actress appears in the six stories here, unrelated in plot. If you fancy pale Irish skin, freckles, and red hair, you’ll enjoy this young lady’s performances.

Caning Justine“: Justine is in perfect schoolgirl kit. A familiar male has her in-hand. She is in trouble for something which has earned the cane. Bend-over, touch toes, skirt up, maroon knickers. She stands straight and gets handspanked erect, then back over to touch toes, the supervisor pulls her panties down, legs wide, display of charms, 12 mild strokes of the cane, good grabbing, rubbing, closeups. (8 minutes)

“False Information”: Same scene, same actors. Pretty Justine wears white blouse, dark skirt, ribbons in her hair. She is sweetly embarrassed. “Take off your skirt.” The guy soon tugs down her tiny thong. Perfectly shaven. Bend-over a tall barstool, a great spanking posture. Legs open, full charms. This British Spanking series crew loves these shots. With a tawse, the male turns her bottom a uniform pink, full cheeks and flanks. (16 minutes)

“Justine’s Arrival”: Justine in trouble again. Same actors. She starts to rub her bottom even as she is being scolded. The set is the same, the furniture rearranged. Little jacket off, OTK, skirt up, little lavender panties nicely filled out; Justine is spanked to a smooth pink;  her bottom is clear, suggesting these scenes have been spaced or cleverly arranged. He tugs the pants down; we watch her face as it happens. Just a handspanking, but bravo this actress. (7 minutes)

Justine is in the next segment, back in schoolgirl attire, awaiting a spanking, and staring at a cane and a ‘slipper’ on a table. She is scolded, taken OTK, blue knickers down. This time her bottom is tinted a bit. She stands, is cornered bare-bottom, then bends over, hands on the floor and a camera shot up between her legs. Nothing more we need to know about this colleen. She gets a mild caning, with some surprising low strokes. (15 minutes)

“Rosenburg’s First Shoot”: The redhead again, playing the model, primping in front of a screen, pink top and jeans. The photographer grabs her OTK; she drops her jeans herself; he takes her knickers down; red bottom already; over a stool for glancing blows with a paddle. Save this film under ‘Redheads.’

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