Beating at the Bell – CALSTAR

31 Jul


Feels like an early CalStar and uses the 1950’s-decor pub for its set we’ve seen before, except that the Lesbian sex play is unusually explicit for an early film. We’re at ‘The Bell,’ a roadhouse. Three slightly sleazy-acting waitresses loll and skylark instead of working. ‘Katcha,’ a striking brunette; ‘Tammi Lee,’ another brunette, runway-body, and ‘Michelle,’ a reddish-brunette.

The girls wrestle Tammi onto her back on a table top, unbutton her clothes, dispose of purple panties, and give her a jolly rogering, almost a fisting, some hard jamming, maybe some anal penetration. Aggressive stuff for CP.

Club owner Harry bursts in on this lesbian melee and is suitably upset. In lieu of firing them, “I’m going to deal with it my own way.” Tammi, being the naughtiest, will have the roughest time, but that’s what we came for. Harry is one of the grizzled ageplay guys from central casting who might be working for nothing to get access to these girls.

The nightclub-spanking theme crops up frequently, probably because the sets are available daytime and the models are plausible employees.

Tammi, “Tammi Fucking Lee,” Harry calls her, goes OTK, little red skirt up. They suddenly shift position of the chair–someone couldn’t achieve the proper camera angles. Harry pulls her purple lace knickers down. [sirens on the soundtrack]  The low-end girls taunt the spanking and cuss. Michelle is next OTK. Her white panties, decorated with red accents, fit delightfully tightly. Perfect tush. Harry separates her thighs and brings the knickers down ever so slowly.

Katcha retrieves a soft paddle. Michelle must lean over a cocktail table. Paddling hard and loud; she stretches those knicks tight across her ankles. Katcha over the table, then over Tammi’s lap. Black knickers. Harry wants her to hit harder, then takes over.

We move to another room,  a gaudily memorable place. Katcha is spanked. Tammi makes sure we see her charms as she holds Katcha still. A low shot of Katcha catches the flash of a pussy ring.

Since Katcha acts as “manager,” she gets the cane. “Oh no,  Harry, not the cane. That really hurts.” The room goes quiet; almost 30 strokes shown–repeats, various angles, but the hardest spanking yet.

Spectator Michelle bitches just a little too much. Bend-over, pants down, six strokes.

At the conclusion, the voice of Michael Dawes booms on the set, shouting at the girls. Has he been the director?


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