Cautioned With The Cane – CALSTAR

31 Jul

M/f; year: 1997; time: 36 minutes

A silly plot but a fun fantasy, where the local constable takes matters into his own hands, as it were. Mrs. Jenkins is seen whirling around Southall Beach in her car,observed and recorded by a police constable, who apparently knows who she is and is soon at her doorstep.

Jenkins is a mature blonde, no bobby socks in this film. The officer, an older guy without noticeable dramatic flair, could play a role as a finance minister in another BBC film tomorrow. Jenkins denies such beach doings but caves when the officer shows her the sand on her car.

It seems Jenkins used to be married to a brother police officer who liked to entertain the boys with descriptions of their spanking games. The officer suggests that, in lieu of a summons, hearing, and a fine, they play some of those games. She is quick to agree.

To begin, he takes her OTK in what looks like the hallway of her house. We wondered why the scene was so confined; part of the erotic backdrop here is that Jenkins let this strange authority figure into her house and is going to take her pants off for him.

“Stand up. Take down those jeans.” He handspanks her standing, just a little white thong, mostly bare bottom. Bend-over at a chair. “You’re almost ready for the strap.”

He suggests they go upstairs, where he knows she kept spanking implements and all sorts of naughty things. He follows her mostly bare bottom up the stairs, having a better perspective than we get. “I must say, Mrs. Jenkins, that was a very nice view.” we have pointed out these stairway episodes where we find them,  our current favorite being in CalStar’s ‘Fair Measures.’

From an armoire, she selects red panties and a little satin waitress’ outfit, meant for nothing but naughty-time. Another nude dressing scene, typical of the film era. She gathers a supply of spanking implements.

The officer is very pleased with her choice of costume. Over a stool, spanking with a paddle on the tight red panties. “It’s time these came down.” Pubic thatch. “Perhaps move your feet apart a little bit.” She lies face down on her bed for another strap. He pulls the red knicks down, “right off this time.” Pillows under her bottom, still the position is not productive. She kneels up on her elbows, bottom high. Now it’s perfect! More with a wooden paddle.

“Lie down again….turn over.” He helps her into the diaper position. She has begun to whine, but he reminds her of the alternative—heavy fine and no car.

“Get up and bend over the stool.” She spreads her legs without being prompted. 10 strokes from the cane, the officer is hitting harder. While he selects another cane from the collection, “Let’s have this dress off.”  Jenkins faces us, fully naked, hands on head. Back over the stool, legs splayed, 8 more with a stiffer cane. A closeup confirms Ms. Jenkins is quite excited by all this. He’ll be watching for her car and would love to come back here again. “Stick your bottom out.”


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