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Prison Canings Volume 1 – MISS MARCHMONT

31 Aug

2M/3f; time: 50 minutes

This film is mentioned in places as one of the most severe in the genre (at least at the time). It certainly makes the playoffs for us; the harshness of the punishments, a departure for MISSMARCHMONT and a nod to the Eastern European influence, it is greatly enhanced by the detailed sets and costumes. The canings occur in a barren room, and the long prison corridor with cell doors visible adds immeasurably.

Two male Marchmont regulars–one is Karl Strong, in realisitc military uniforms, drag the first girl in for some attention. This prison apparently practices a ‘welcoming’ procedure. ‘Carol Johnson,’ a chunky punky girl with highlighted blond hair and nose jewelry, looks  ripe for a little straightening out.

The guard helps her off with her bonds–wrists handcuffed to a waist chain and ankles manacled–the complicated restraints add significantly to the erotic anticipation. The guards then assist Johnson in removing all her clothes. Hands-on-head, shaved clean, shoes off, legs spread. Strong puts on rubber gloves and inspects cavities–Johnson grabs her ankles but we don’t see the anal part. Johnson is given prison dungarees but “no knickers,” because she won’t be needing them. Chains on, she is marched down the corridor. Wonderful intimidating preparation.

The next prisoner, blond Catherine Mitchell, wearing eye shadow which makes her look tired, miserable, and very frightened, is brought in, released from her msnacles,stripped naked, and given the one-two with rubber gloves. Strong is a bit more aggressive with his hands this time. “How tough are you, girl?….I’ll make you scream.”

When Mitchell offers some way to lessen her punishment, guard #2 directs her to drop to her knees. We don’t see what she is doing, but she will pay later. She s dressed and dragged off.

Time for the Welcoming. Johnson is dragged in, stripped of her jean pants–she has no knickers. She is strapped to a wide-based, large stool, thighs spread and fastened, ankles strapped, head down, wrists tied to a low rung–sexy rough bondage. Strong takes up the cane, a large thick affair, makes his measurements, and lays on 15 wicked strokes, plus “one more for me.” Marks ripen as we watch. The second stroke may have broken skin, as did others. Guard #2 holds her face to the camera by her hair. “Please stop,” she whimpers. “Now you know why you didn’t need knickers.”  At the conclusion, she is taken to her cell, without pants and manacled. Rough stuff.

Mitchell is brought in and takes a very frightened look at the stool. The guard who apparently didn’t like his blowjob: “I’m going to enjoy every crack.” Mitchell is strapped to the stool. Her white panties are ripped off and stuffed in her mouth. Very good. A  similar 15 rousing strokes, the assisting guard yanks her face up by her blond hair and forces her to maintain eye contact. Wicked. And he demands a weak little “Thank you, sir.” (She has spit out her panties.) At the conclusion Mitchell looks very thoroughly subjugated. We watch her striped bottom led down the corridor.

As if we haven’t seen enough, there is more. Blond ‘Davis,’ an existing prisoner in uniform, has been having lesbian sex. “I sentence you to the birch.” She knows. “Oh, no, no…sir, not the birch.”

Chains off, she is ordered to strip down–shoes, socks, jeans, no panties. Fastened to the stool. The guard swishes the birch bundle. A word about the package–a fearsome collection of about 8 thick, stiff sticks, like 8 canes, three feet long. A swipe would be like 8 cane strokes covering most of both cheeks. 8 separate swipes were taken. She is stunned after the first and each thereafter. Things get quiet and desperate.

An ad lib “Shit!” from the actress elicits even more humorous response. Guard: “What?”  “Shit…sir,” she repeats. Davis is contrite and begging soon enough. She is released, re-fastened with her chains, and taken to Solitary without pants. It is one of the  guards’ turn to join her there, generating an alarmed glance from Davis. Very LUPUS.

Strung Up and Whipped – NU WEST

31 Aug

M/3f; time: 25 minutes

Producer Ed Lee moves to whipping and flagellation later in his adult film career, surely to juice his own pleasure, but also to compete with the complex and harsh stuff coming out of Europe.

We’re in the bare blue studio, looking down on a startling and fascinating sight. Lee has three lovelies, absolutely naked, captured. He patrols with a whip. Two tall and well-stacked blondes, almost mirror images of each other, are fastened face-to-face, nipple to nipple, and strung up on the same spreader bar.

Off to the side, a powerful nude brunette is fastened to a tripod frame which takes some doing to describe. She is bent at the waist, her arms pulled forward, wrists fastened to handles, head down. Her pelvis rests against a pad, which positions and holds her bottom stationary. Her legs are spread and her ankles fastened, knees locked.

Ed will be meandering with his whip. The brunette must move her head from side to side to see where he is in the room, whereas the blondes can shuffle their feet and keep him in sight. This is important, because Ed is going to maneuver among the girls, cracking whichever bottom fancies him.

There will be on dialogue, just gasps and cries. Ed walks around the room, concentrating on one bottom or another. The blondes shuffle their bare feet in discomfort; the brunette moans when she is the object of Ed’s attention, rocking the wood frame under the whip. Sometimes Ed stays on one tush for four or five strokes at a time, and at one point, “25 each.”

The blondes are fun, because we can see all of them, front and back. Ed nudges them closer so that their boobs touch. He also rotates the spreader bar so the alternate girl has her back to us. The blondes take their medicine and don’t twist away from the whip, which would put the other girl’s tush in line.

There is one spot in the room where Ed can zap one blond buttock with a forehand and the brunette with a backhand. This sets both girls to crying out when he does one of his patented flurries.

And lastly, he mixed in another specialty, the faux strokes, which makes all the bottoms jump.



The Kidnapping of the Butcher’s Daughter – LUPUS RIGID EAST

31 Aug

2M/3f; time: 44 minutes

An actual plot here, several scene changes, furniture and costumes to simulate the 1920’s, and enough females in the cast that there should be good action. A young couple fakes the girl’s kidnapping (‘Magdelena’) to extract ransom from her father, the butcher.

At Magdelena’s school the headmaster and his assistant ‘Otylie,’ (the ubiquitous Alexandra Wolf), suspect the kidnapping was an inside job. The school,close to financial ruin,can’t afford the bad publicity, so they will ask the caretaker/gardener ‘Klapka’ (actor Pavel Stastny) to investigste for them, “question” two students. Whenever Pavel appears, we know some young lady will be dancing on her bare feet.

Klapka is visibly excited by this assignment. “Do you mean dust their backsides?” A knowing smile from Otylie, “Be discreet,” she suggests.

Two pretty young brunettes stroll in the woods, in full schoolgirl kit reflective of Lupus’ attention to theatrical detail–high-end blazers, blouses, neckties, skirts, knee socks. They have colluded with Magdelena to rig the kidnapping and suspect trouble brews. They swear to keep counsel. So the stage is set for a struggle between their will and Klapka’s diligence.

The girls, Miss’ Hanuskova and Brzicka, are ushered in to confront the headmaster, Otylie, and Klapka in Klapka’s carefully fitted out work shed, another example of Lupus’ care for detail. Miss Brzicka, a slight, dark, striking brunette, will  be questioned first, Hanuskova sent outside. She denies any knowledge. Klapka threatens with a cane, she will be made to undress. Otylie helps her off with her slip and white garter belt/corset, a sexy garment on such a slight and charming body.

Naked except for stockings, Klapka will cane her in a standing position in front of the Head and Otylie until she has something to say. She screams from the first. Finally, “Bend over,” demands Klapka, so he can incease the ferocity. She gives in, confesses the fraud. Outside, Hanuskova hears the capitulation and covers her face in fear and shame. She is summoned next.

Now the question is where the fraudulent couple hides. When Hanuskova denies she knows, they move to undress her so Klapka can begin the persuasion. After a tussle, “No, I’ll do it myself.” The group enjoys watching her strip naked. It appears that neither she nor Brzicka wore panties under their girdles or bras under their slips. Another charming adolescent figure and no body hair.

Hands-on-head, she too gets the caning in a standing position. The stripes ripen faster. Hands-on-knees, hands-on-table, she flails her arms in a gesture of pain we occasionally see for vigorous punishment. She will get the couple’s secret address from her room.

FADE to the hideout: the couple cavort in bed, while back at the school the Head and Otylie convince the butcher to settle this privately to save the school The butcher wants to make blood sausage out of his daughter’s paramour, and he will send Magdelena back to school as soon as she “recovers” from what he has planned for her. We have said that in Lupus films you can usually predict how many spankings there will be.

Soon the butcher bursts in on his daughter, shows her letters on what a scumbag this Lexa guy is–he had a lot of girlfriends and scams going. Now he will use his belt on her; she drops her pantaloons, raises her robe, kneels over the bed and is whipped. Robe off, she is naked; his wild strokes create irregular mottled patterns, all belt-shape. The film ends as the colors on her bottom suggest a new recipe for blood suasage he might try.

If we were consulting on the script, we would have suggested she next be taken for a visit to Klapka in his workshop.

More Hard Labor Whipping – NUWEST FCV-107

30 Aug

M/f; year: 2008; time: 23 minutes

Producer Ed Lee made a series of films on this site; or ones like it, identified as ‘Table Mountain,’ not much more than piles of gravel on some windy promontory. In this film, Lee will test your credulity; he can’t be serious in his portrayal. However, with that Navy-cat in his hand, he gains our confidence.

He plays a county sheriff; female prisoners are brought here is perform hard labor and generally get a whipping for almost anything. A blonde,  actress ‘Katie,’ one of our favorites from the NUWEST cast. It looks like her when her clothes come off and it sounds like her when she cusses the ‘sheriff,’  and we believe we recognize her squeaks.

She is working in blouse, skirt, and high heels, as if she were on lunch hour. She shovels gravel into a wheel barrow and relocates it. “We ain’t got no money in this county for clothes, so git to work!”

Well into the film, after we’ve fully grasped the concepts of shovels, gravel, and wheel barrows, Katie has had enough, and demands her lawyer “right now!”

There is no way to talk to Sheriff Lee, who slashes her over her clothes with his whip. She quits, and he chases her inside, into a large theatrically-lit room where obviously the action we all expect is intended to happen. This studio set solves the lighting, glare, sound, and wind problems all the Table Mountain films had.

Lee orders Katie to take her clothes off, which she does without argument. She is strung up naked, on tiptoe. Certainly looks like Katie. He whips her back and bottom. She shouts complaints, like “you reneck asshole.” Very attractive rear full closeups, especially from a low angle.

After a bit, she caves and promises to “work hard.” Just to make sure, Lee does something probably not in the County Corrections Manual. He makes Katie spread her legs and flicks his whip vertically between. Even this experienced actress is a bit unsettled by this.

Eighth Commandment – LUPUS RIGID EAST

30 Aug

2M/2f; year: 2004; time: 54 minutes

A top-notch Lupus production, containing a sackful of CP fetish depictions: a priest in his collar, rectal thermometers, maybe the best enema scenes we have found (in a CP film), two rousing canings in the diaper position, and for good measure, two schoolgirl-types in teddy bear two-piece pajamas.

Two brunettes in British-style schoolgirl kit–red sweaters, plaid skirts, neckties, in a Catholic school. They undress for bed, in a slow and careful nudie scene, and put on bulky two-piece flannel teddy bear pajamas. The school ‘Father’ (actor Pavel Stastny) checks in on them. The girls sneak a chocolate bar from a coat.

Another male actor,  playing a ‘doctor,’ joins Father and they discuss something. No subtitles, but this is Lupus, so whatever they decide, it can’t be good news for the girls. The doctor puts on his white coat and gets his latex gloves ready. He prepares two rectal thermometers, while the Father smiles in anticipation. We compliment Lupus for using the larger, more old-fashioned model.

The girls are directed to lie on their stomachs on their individual beds. The doctor lowers the first girl’s pj bottoms and very slowly inserts the thermometer. Very well done. Same for the second girl; unhappy frowning facials, thanks to those thermometers.

The girls turn onto their backs. This cunning doctor, with the Father leering, has the girls expose their breasts for the sethoscope and pulls down their pj bottoms. One girl is nicely bald and the second has a thin mohawk. After some naughty probing, the men have a long discussion, and they seem to decide, ENEMAS!

The girls shrink in horror when they see the doctor unpack his hose and bag. The Father leaves and returns with a less portable old-fashioned canister and hose.

The procedure begins for the first girl. The Father steps in, and drags down her pj bottoms, glad to assist. She kneels up on her bed, hands and knees, bottom available. The doctor half-fills his enema bag, slowly lubes a black nozzle, and carefully screws it into her anus in closeup, having just enough difficulty to maximize the thrill. CLICK! After a short interval, the girl is helped off the bed and sent to the bathroom, carefully carrying her bag and hose.

The second brunette relectantly climbs into position, her pants are lowered. She had watched the misery of her roommate and doesn’t know she is getting the biggest black nozzle we’ve seen in the CP literature, its head about the size of a golf ball. We imagine the only reason for a nozzle this size is to further ruin this girl’s day.

After several hugely erotic attempts and more nozzle lube, our doctor lubes his finger and goes in to widen the route. We watch her squirm as the nozzle is finally screwed in and her sphincter accepts the intruder. CLICK.Soon she is sent to the toilet and is understndably frantic to get her friend to vacate.

Now the girls fall on their knees, in just pj tops, begging to be excused from the next phase. Hasn’t this been enough? But they are sent out, we watch their bare bottoms as they walk, to get the canes.

This is no longer a medical procedure. The Father takes command. The girls lie on their backs. The first girl assumes the diaper position and receives almost forty downright nasty cane strokes. She screams–the other girl covers her ears–you may choose to also.

Despite the second brunette’s desperate pleas, she assumes the position and receives her 40, screaming even louder. This posture accesses the thighs and the buttocks crease. Strokes on the less vulnerable, fleshier high buttock are less frequent and necessitate some careful aiming to avoid the spine.

At the conclusion, the girls hug and dress for school, carefully pulling their knickers over their wheals. No gym class today or for awhile.


Crime and Punishment – LUPUS RIGID EAST

29 Aug

M/4f; year: 2004; time: 60 minutes

This film merits extra attention because it was the first performance by American actress Niki Flynn with LUPUS, part of a little tour she made through the spanking capitals of the world. The story itself we’ll give brief attention to.

An American photographer gradually coaxes a female model to get naked during a session so he can add to his nudie library. Police barge in, there is a Keystone Cops shoot-out and both the photographer and the naked girl are killed. They find the contraband printed nude photo album, rather pornographic.

The police detect some photos of girls from a local girls’ school. The inspector calls on the headmaster, none other than actor Pavel Stastny, on the set of the ‘Director/Headmaster’ series. He gets to keep the photo book overnight. Is there an inside accomplice at the school?

He recognizes photos and summons two students. The first girl, a blonde with a big Slavic body, is ordered to strip and recreate some of her poses he saw in the book. The second girl, a brunette, gets naked and assumes her postures. After the headmaster threatens to call the parents, the brunette confesses and gives up the name of the student procurer who helped the photographer.

At midnight, the headmaster receives a visit from a psychoanalyst identified as ‘Sigmund Freud,’ who explains the girls’ obessions. They have repressed sexual desires, seek attention from him, want to be punished. The headmaster perks up at this good news-his own fetish desires can be justified. First he will “get rid of” the organizing student.

Action begins in the next scene; three naked girls stand in front of him and reluctantly agree to forty strokes each with the cane. The first girl, a frosted blonde, is strapped to the frequently-seen caning bench and screams to the Deity through her forty. The second girl, a big blonde who almost overwhelms the bench itself, marks up harshly duirng her session. And the third girl, a pigtailed brunette with freckles, screams the loudest in a memorably erotic caning. The headmaster forgives the girls, probably assumng they got some release on the bench.

Now for Niki Flynn, the conspiring procurer of naked girls for her now-deceased photographer countryman. The whipped girls confront her, their bottoms are displayed, and Niki’s fate is sealed.  After failed denials, she accepts punishment. “Get naked, right now!” The girls help, and she is soon down to stockings and shoes. She has the nicest way of failed little attempts to cover her nakedness. She must drop her arms at this point and appears to speak some halting Czech on the soundtrack.

After a display of faux horror, she lies over the bench. Another suggestion of reporting to the police subdues her. She rises to select her choice of a cane from the headmaster’s wall display. A full five-minute caning ensues, witnessed by the girls. At the conclusion she kneels on the floor in shame, the headmaster gets his scissors, and proceeds to chop off her hair, to her screams and struggling. The three girls are only too happy to assist. This cutting looked real–in fact, in films made soon after with LUPUS, she does sport shorter hair, the only hair she sports is on her head.

When Niki gets her final scolding, standng there naked and helpless, her hair has been spiffed up and styled a bit. The headmaster keeps the nude photo album yet one more overnight–try as he might, he found no more photos of his girls, but surely enjoyed the book. 


My Barn, My Rules – NUWEST FCV-100

29 Aug

F/3f; time: 25 minutes

We return to  NUWEST’S metal horse stables, the scene of several films of attitude correction. Three nubile girls perform chores and accoust Ed Lee when he arrives in  his pickup. They didn’t sign on to muck stalls, they are equestriennes. Domme Deborah storms in and shows them the ‘My Barn, My Rules’  sign. She slaps a blonde’s face. “You take your shirt off. You’re going to get a whipping.”

The first blond girl takes off her shirt and bra; Ed  fastens her wrists by straps to two posts; she is centered and secured but will be able to dance. Ed will be the spectator in this film–we’ll watch to see if he puts his hands in his pockets. Deborah begins with a vigorous beating with what is probably referred to at NUWEST as the Australian dog whip. Some strokes are long or short and ring off the metal poles.

The whipping is filmed from the front, rear, and obliques–low and high. The blonde can’t help jiggling her huge boobs. The other two girls watch and wait. “I’m going to whip your ass too,” and Deborah pulls down the girl’s riding pants and panties in the same motion, completing the task we await eagerly in these barn whippings.

The second girl, a pageboy brunette, bigger but not as buxom, strips topless, is fastened, and takes her whipping , including the lowering of her jodphurs also.

The third girl, a blonde, must be either very excited or very nervous. Her long hair mixes with the whip a bit; this is the most colorful whipping, especially when Deborah pulls down those pants.

Not much dialogue or a defined conclusion, but three colorful and detailed punishments.



Sorority Spanking – CALSTAR

28 Aug

F/2f; year: 2007; time: 54 minutes

An American BJ Frazier film, featuring ‘Miss Gemini.’ We generally struggle through these films. For some reason, this producer doesn’t seem to have paid much attention to the cleverness coming from Eastern Europe, Great Britain, and even some American companies.

Two nervous ‘sorority girls’ report to Miss Gemini for interview. She explains she is the boss and it would appear a spanking is part of the hazing. The first girl, a tall, jet-black brunette remains in the room, strips to bra and panties and receives an ineffectual handspanking kneeling on a settee. Some tawsing, a soft strap, mild cane snaps–nothing to hold your attention. Maybe the purpose of all this–Gemini pulls up her own skirt and kisses her ass.

The second aspirant is called in, strips to undies, and receives the same spankings. However, this girl removes her bra and panties, presenting a powerful body, and her diaper posture on the settee provides the best scenery in this otherwise dreary oeuvre.

Katie Sold For Sex – NU WEST NWV-281

28 Aug

2F/f; time: 28 minutes

Little  blonde model ‘Katie’ performed the full range of Ed Lee fetishes; she plays Top and Bottom and has been sweetly spanked, paddled, whipped, birched, strapped, fucked,  buggered, soaped, shaved, she gives spirited blowjobs, given an enema, and, if we keep searching, probably more adventures. Imagine her night job. A favorite of ours here, we finally add screenshots. We go heavy on a jewel.

This episode creates the environment where Katie is offered to a female ‘client,’  played by ‘Dana Specht,’  who presumably has paid a fee to torment Katie, to be filmed. In the blue studio, a female NU-WEST staffer ‘Vanna’ delivers Katie to the woman. Katie, appropriately indignant at this affront but reluctantly compliant, presents herself. She wears a long summery gown, blond hair up in a ponytail, and ingenue makeup.

After a twirl, the client asks Vanna  to begin undressing her. The dress is unlaced and pulled over her head. After some probing, Katie hands over her bra. These preparatory scenes play a large role in developing our erotic interest in NU-WEST  plots, and this one may be our favorite. The client checks her breasts, body, and posture, very much like a slave auction (could have been)  in an old Erroll Flynn movie.




“Take your clothes off, your pantyhose  off…touch your toes.” Vanna helps. Katie wears just little white panties, and for us, we can’t think of another actress who does it better, just standing there. Dana pulls the panties down, slowly, bottom full-screen, then twirls her for a mohawk inspection from us.  The woman probes here and there and makes Katie prance and bend, naked. The film is very much a celebration of Katie’s tight and natural figure.

Vanna is instructed to help her on with black stockings and heels. More parading–many aficionados regard this stocking touch as better than total nudity. “I am going to whip you until you learn to obey me.”  Apparently this ‘sale’ is not consummated until Katie passes this test.

A new scene–Katie is strung up to the ceiling. Dana is in her fighting clothes, a bustier, thong, stockings, and heels, young enough here to be quite svelte. We write this 25 years later.  Dana is still out there flogging young bottoms. In a long scene, she whips Katie front and back with a martinet, stopping for fondles.

Another scene–Katie is strapped face down over the sloped NUWEST horse. The woman flogs her bottom and plays with a peeking pussy in a sequence which is mostly talk.

Scene–Dana  lies on her back, wearing a dildo. Katie sits astride, impaled, riding up and down. Camera shots from both sides verify the authenticity. Katie looks just slightly uncomfortable, but we certainly were not. This is a huge dildo, we applaud Katie. The scene had to be set up, and this dildo is no easy assignment.

In the last scene, Katie is on her knees, being fucked doggie-style by Dana and her dildo. In a quick segue, they assume the missionary position, and this time it looks like Katie will be getting off whatever rocks she has left. Some jolly rogering.

Beating of Erica Delamare – SPANKINGONLINE

24 Aug

2M/f; year: 2004; time: 25 minutes

This seems to be in association with MOONGLOW/SPANKINGART,  listed in their old catalogue, brief and to the point. Nice geezer ageplay–an older guy, Tom Cooper,  plays ‘Uncle Malcolm’  and has quite a hold on his niece Erica (Leia Ann Woods). She is a young brunette, realistically presented in normal makeup and clothes. She has pinched her uncle’s vodka and climbed into a window to come home at 3 AM. She stands before him in shorty pajamas to hear the sentence: “You know what is going to happen to you. You are going to be severely spanked.”

Erica is taken OTK on the couch and uncle takes her white panties down immediately for a slow moderate handspanking, closeups of her femininity. She then stands cornered, hands on head–short pj’s really help here because they ride up. Because she has been complaining, “Go to the toilet and come back with the chair and the strap.”

She kneels on a chair, bending over the back in high-style CP posing, very sexy, to receive a doubled leather strap,reasonably hard, with inserted slow-motion sequences. Low camera angles up her legs from the floor just improve more. Careful closeups, ultimately revealing. She removes the chair and returns with the cane. She bends over, legs locked, and is one of those actresses who can put her palms flat on the floor, which does marvelous things to the buttocks. Excellent camera angles for 30  strokes shown, with repeats–the strokes come in bunches, and she twtiches her hairless self erotically.

In a new scene, poor Erica is going to get a dose from another man, for reasons we could not detect. We’ve seen above she can be a naughty wench. Maybe Malcolm called over a friend. She kneels on her bed, no panties, in just garter belt and stockings and an open blouse and no bra, definitely a costume for entertaining guests.

Right to the cane, 7 strokes, and the male spanker keeps encouraging her legs “wider.” She moves to hold onto the brass headboard, knees wide, one of our favorite on-the-bed postures, well admired by classic British CP producers. About 15 more strokes, extensive slo-mo replays.