A Hand For Peter – MOONGLOW

1 Aug

2M/2f; year: 1996; time: 51 minutes

An oldie from Moonglow’s ‘Classics’ section, featuring some experienced CP actors manipulating a naughty spanking fantasy found in various forms around our library. Blond Shelly and her friend Susie, who lounges gossiping on Shelly’s bed in just her skeer knickers, share a marijuana  joint and discuss Shelly’s recent dalliance with a boy.

Shelly’s stepfather Peter bursts in, having overheard her conversations, slaps her friend’s panties a few times before chasing her off, and turns on Shelly, grabbing her OTK. He is going to “warm that backside of yours….for the first time.” “I don’t want to….I’m too old for this…” Peter struggles to expose her white knickers. There is a vigorous handspanking on the copy we watched, which seemed only partly edited, the actor holds up his hand and asks for a “cut,” the spanking struggle having winded him, and he is on top.

In the next scene in the kitchen of Peter’s house, his friend stops by, carrying a canvas satchel. He is Susie’s father, has heard about the excitement, will give Peter a hand (and a few other things), and rolls his own marijuana joint as they talk. This actor, an older working-class sort of guy with Popeye tattooed arms, is a solid spanker not known to show mercy when he’s on the job. “Want me to show you how you should be treating Shelly?” The guy shows Peter a cane, tawse, and the paddle he brought. Skittish Peter: “If we’re going to do it, we’ll do it well.”

Shelly is called in; she sees the men and the cane on the kitchen table. Her eyes widen before she takes a defiant body stance. In a bad edit, we next see her bent over the counter, her skirt up, with the friend handspanking her satin knickers. We missed the negotiations on how she would consent to raise her skirt for her father’s friend, or how he got the authority to tug her knickers down.

Into the living room, “Bring your bag,” Peter calls out, “…what bag?” inquires Shelly sheepishly. More handspanking, friend takes her satin pants down again, after Peter OK’s it. The men alternate spanking her, the other holding her still.

The friend opens his satchel and removes his “tools,’ spanking implements. Here is a dialogue line from Shelly headed for our musuem: “I thought all this time you were just a plumber.” To Shelly: “Take your skirt off.” Both use a wide tawse. Next come an odd round stiffened leather studded paddle, which makes Shelly cry out at a new level. In all cases, the ‘plumber’ is the hardest disciplinarian.

Necktie off, blouse off, down to just bra, finest peach fuzz of the day. A very thick fan-shaped leather paddle comes next, followed by a long stiffened strap. We’re still in the warmup, having seen the cane on the table. The longest, meanest riding crop, worthy of Nu West, appears next.

At last, the cane.. The plumber goes first, 15 hard strokes, choppy editing, some repeats. Peter gives her 10 more, counted aloud. She is finished now, presenting us full frontal.

In a gratuitous scene, the “plumber ” returns to his house–we thought he would stay to be  whupping his own daughter, but he tussles with his wife instead, a long, tall lady, quickly over the foyer table. We guess she’s seen her husband come home randy and ready before.

They wrestle and spank, nothing much to see but her long legs.Panties down, a huge rattan rug beater appears, but it is too flexible and she won’t stay put. She hits back at him with a strap before being subdued. The plumber grabs the cane–all this stuff readily at hand in his house–for a hit-or-miss session of about 15 strokes with an evasive bottom before they conclude, or is it, begin?

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