Big Bottom Girls Caned – CALSTAR

1 Aug

F/2f; year: 1990’s; time: 52 minutes

These oeuvres can be approximately dated by hairstyles (collar and cuff), set decor, and tattoos. This looks mid-nineties. We’ve seen some of this office equipment in second-hand stores. But we’ve said many times, when it’s time for the pants to come off, the vintage is irrelevant to us. And before we start, there are no ‘big bottoms’ in this film, just two tight and neat packages.

Actor Anthony Lawton and his girlfriend Kara awake in a very small bed and he coaxes her back for a morning-quickie. So she becomes late for work. Her female boss Mrs. Jones is angry and looking for her, because she took some important papers home. Jones is furious and Kara becomes desperate. “Please don’t fire me. I’ll do anything.” “Are you sure?”

Kara reluctantly agrees to accept a “damn good spanking” and goes over Jones’ lap. No one seems hesitant about the procedure. Skirt up, black knickers framed in garters and stockings. Jones takes the panties down, quite enjoying the process. “Thank you, miss” for the last 12 smacks, then the next phase.

With Kara completely captured now, Jones makes her stand naked against the wall, on tip-toes, in the frisk position–one of the best of all submissive postures, while she gets her implements. A light tawsing kneeling on a chair and a few cane taps–don’t know where she is getting those bruises.

Cut to Anthony just re-awaking, his sperm count climbing again. He discovers the briefcase Kara forgot and hurries off to her job, only to walk in on the Jones spanking. “What the hell is going on?” Well-developed pervert that Anthony is, he seizes his leverage. Jones will either take the same spanking she gave Kara, “the same marks,” or it’s the police.

Jones goes OTK without dispute, skirt up, gauzy white panties down, handspanking. Over a chair, Kara gets a chance herself to lay on some whacks. Jones actually stands on a chair, so her bare bottom is shoulder-height for Kara. She uses the same strap, but Anthony does it harder. He spies a hairbrush–a few from Kara but 6 big electrifying whacks from him. A  few more positions, the riding crop, and now the cane. Jones is getting a lot worse than she gave.

About 18 strokes from Anthony, good closeups. Anthony has Kara drop her panties several times as he tries to achieve bottom-parity. He rubs both bottoms and will surely be a tiger when Kara comes home tonight.


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