Disciplined by the Headmaster – XEROTICS

1 Aug

M/f; M/f; M/f; F/f.  Time: 44 minutes (4 parts)

Four unremarkable schoolgirl-headmaster segments with unifying themes.

I ‘Dirty-Bottomed Schoolgirl’: A headmaster, in full cap-and -gown, inspects a schoolgirl, herself in full kit and boater, for dirty knickers. OTK, blue knickers down, “Toilet paper is not on ration, you know.” Nobody is shy here. Slow handspanking, then a slipper, silly crying. The scene is redeemed by a nice bend-over the back of a straight chair, then a “legs-apart” bare bottom waiting time for the matron to come and inspect the results of the spanking. An inexplicable FADE to a new scene where the brunette has grabbed her ankles and presented her Brazilian charms for something coming.

II-‘Blazer of Trust’: Another male power figure has a young lady, in the Head Girl’s official blazer, on the carpet. More current desktop electronics suggest recent vintage here. The pigtailed brunette Head Girl was caught doing some “research”  on internet spanking sites. “I’m think I’m going to do some ‘research’ of my own…we’ll get to the bottom of the matter.” OTK, blue knickers down, tall girl, arched buttocks. The strap–he wiggles her around so the camera can get a better shot. “How’s the research going?”

Bend-over the desk for a Wimbledon backhand strap. Hands-on-head in the corner. She too will wait for the matron to check her bottom.

III-‘Helena’s Exclusion’: The headmaster has called Helena’s father–she has been “excluded” for three days for gambling with money she borrows from friends. “Sorry is not good enough” this time. White panties down, the hardest spanking so far. The actress has an American accent and can’t help looking at the director, but the headmaster’s palm is British. Over the couch arm for the slipper. Some slow-motion show extraordinary jiggling of cheeks.

IV-‘Visit to Miss Wood’s Office’: At St. Augustine’s School, Helena is a prefect who has been bullying students, so it’s OTK, “your lovely white panties” down. Miss Wood is loving this. Another American actress.

In a rough segue, the cane comes out. Blazer off, skirt off, panties coyly puddled, 6 good strokes, with impressive rippling slow-motion shots. Helena grabs her ankles–who can object to this pose–about a dozen more, the “last few even harder.” Slo-mo’s. She too awaits the matron, hands-on-head. The matron must go door-to-door in this school.

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