Left Buttock Specialist – BENDOVERGIRL

1 Aug

M/f; time: 13 minutes

A very short performance, because that’s all the time that is really needed for a severe caning, if all the warmup and cool-down are either condensed or eliminated. Actress Nicky Montford plays a schoolgirl  caught shoplifting. The film opens with the man who will do the discipline, on the phone, discussing her crime.

The camera pans to the right; there stands Nicky, hands-on-head, nose to the wall, skirt pinned up, panties at her thighs, and a cane hooked into her panty gusset ready to be used. Very intimidating and a naughty start. Brunette doe-eyed Nicky in pigtails is still a convincing schoolgirl.

She is brought to bend over a simple seat. She takes about 15 cane strokes about as hard as they need to be. The caning is filmed from several angles with some slow-motion inserts. The usually stoic Nicky does surrender a few squeaks. Marks and wheals, to be sure. The oblique filming detects the welts.

She is put back in the corner, bottom on display. “I need the toilet.”  “Certainly not!”

After she is left to contemplate, her disciplinarian returns and she bends over again, for what will be another full caning on a bottom already sufficiently punished to satisfy most. Twelve more wrenching strokes, counted out “thank you, sir” style.  Her tormentor is left-handed and has used the forehand stroke, to allow the cane to strike mostly on her left buttock, where the skin has been broken in a few places. If he had stepped back a half-pace, this film could have been named the “Two Buttock Specialist.” And from the results, we wonder how far apart Ms. Montford is forced to schedule these short films.

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