Pale Bottom, Needs Color – METRO FETISH DREAMS

1 Aug

3f; 3f;  time: 52 minutes

Two unrelated lesbian soft porn segments, unremarkable but for the appearance of adult actress Tanya Fox in the second part. Ms. Fox’ particular contribution to the genre comes in the bottom department, not only because it is an extraordinary sight to see, but for what she was capable of doing with it and what she allowed others to do with it. See her filmography for yourself. She made films with numerous producers, mostly hardcore, so that spanking films were probably a respite for her.

We know of films with Shadowlane, CalStar, and NuWest, and we’ll edit this post if we find more. In part two of this compilation, tantalizingly titled ‘Spank #16,’ actresses jog through the neighborhood in little shorts which could probably get them arrested, then return to an apartment and collapse into two-way lesbian games.

Tanya is the first to strip naked, her nude wiggling almost overwhelming us before anything else has happened. She has short dark hair in this period of her career, sweetly conventional, and a nifty little Mohawk. We rummage our files to find an adult actress more pristinely glamorous, who could tolerate such a scene, every mole and freckle, every crevice and fold, on presentation here, as she squirms with a blond friend.

The third jogger gives us a shower show after her jogging, then joins to spank Tanya, just because that bottom needs to be spanked. The girls swap around, spank, fondle, masturbate. Tanya’s diaper pose, legs splayed, arms thrown back, is the most maximized presentation imaginable. Even her armpits are tantalizing.  We try to imagine the self-confidence needed to do such a scene.

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