The Headmaster – OohTeeKay

1 Aug

M/f; year: 2006; time: 23 minutes

Another marginally intolerable American production, where nobody seems to want to hurt anyone else’s feelings. CP producer Cecil B. is featured with blond, ponytailed actress ‘Isis.’ He plays the headmaster and she has been caught cheating, grounds for a sore bottom in any venue, but probably not a Pulitzer nomination for scriptwriting. Isis aggravates with the declaration: “So what?” The scene is a simple one-room set, another circumstance where furniture has been pushed out of the way. Isis is fully costumed in white knee socks, black heels, plaid skirt, and silk blouse.

He grabs her and begins spanking her in a standing position, flipping her skirt up. A first for us, she is wearing a plaid thong matching her skirt. She twists to avoid his smacks. “That’s the spot that hurts!” she sayspointing to her bottom, an out-of-character flub that provides one of the few highlights in this half-hour. Thong down, he orders her “nose to the wall.”

Some spanking OTK on a straight chair–it is her soaring buttocks in this posture which got her the assignment. Cecil has a huge round paddle which could flatten her whole bottom if he chose. She yelps and tries to cover. Then a hairbrush.

Isis stands to undress–blouse, tie, bra, skirt–just knee socks remain, a cute adolescent body. She wiggles, nose to the wall again. The riding crop is next, followed by a thin cane, eliciting a “Fuck!” You get double for that in England! Out of character again and off-script again to Cecil: “I don’t like that thing.”

Cecil obligingly changes to a double-switch, which could have been even less fun, but he is kind. She counts 13 and has paid for her crime.

In a long scene, she gives us an eyeful as she redresses, the film concludes with long out-takes.

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