Backpacker’s One Hundred – MOONGLOW

2 Aug

3M/f; year: 2008; time: 6o minutes

This seems older than the year listed. A blonde, Sarah (may be ‘Elena,’ she looks like a mature Catherine Corbett) sleeps in bra and panties in a detention holding room, spanking trestle already positioned. The geezer ageplay guy, ‘Mr. Bennett,’ familiar veteran Tom Cooper of MOONGLOW and CALSTAR, who must have had some pull to get these parts, wakes her, puts her over a padded trestle beside the bed, and begins a handspanking, pulling her polka dot pants down.

Sarah has been detained while vacationing on a South Pacific island for possessing marijuana. She is going to be spanked and caned by several men in the judicial system. Bennett takes her for a court appearance and puts her in another cell. Next day–it’s Wednesday, back to the bedroom detention, Bennett enters: “It’s time for your first caning. First 25.” Back over the trestle, now established as a necessary fixture, panties down, her shoulders and elbows rest on the bed, elevating her bottom, her feet free to kick. She counts out 25 moderate strokes (“thank you, sir”) and is put to bed, whimpering.

It’s Thursday, she gets another 25 at the Magistrate’s house. The faceless voice of the Magistrate directs her to strip to the same underwear we have seen. Bennett, who has the enviable task of accompanying Sarah on these visits, removes her panties and shoes. She kneels on a huge easy chair. The Magistrate canes her and stops to allow Bennett to rub her periodically. The posture provides large views of her charms. “Fifty more strokes to go in the next couple of days.”

Friday at the Governor’s house: all the old guys have access to these young miscreants. Another bedroom, the Governor’s voice: “You’ll be deported after 100 strokes.”  she strips–shoes, top, shorts, bra, panties.

Sarah assumes a plausible posture, very revealing for a lady’s charms, and one of the more sexually provocative you will see. Naked, she bends over a raised metal footboard bedstead, stretching her arms at 90 degrees to hold on, dropping her head, putting her bottom high, front and center. The camera can catch a full rear view or a side view of her face squashed on the bed as the strokes fall. 25 more strokes, the attending Mr. Bennett gets to rub at 6, 12, and 18. The Governor admits he is enjoying himself. Sarah reflexively twitches her bottom as the Governor swishes between strokes. Bennett rubs at 24, “Well caned, sir.”

Bennett is dismissed but Sarah is retained for a “chat” with the Governor. She’s in her birthday suit for this. Wish we could have been there to see it.

The final  25 strokes are at Bennett’s house–he too has his perquisites. Sarah kneels up on his dining room chair, which has been positioned for the event. She lies flattened onto the tabletop, holding the table edges. Those same polka dot panties come down. “You’ll remember this island for the next few days when you sit down, won’t you, Sarah?” “Yes, sir.” She counts out 25 firm strokes. She is returned to her cell. Bennett takes one more shot st her bottom over her shorts with a leather paddle before her transportation arrives–she is pinned against and spread on the cell bars.

follow three schoolgirl caning scenarios:

PREFECT COMMON ROOM: Blond prefect Cruikshank is caned by two other prefects in the prefect’s common room. They keep a trestle here just in case. Skirt up, pants down. “Six of the best.” 8 are shown.

The two prefects then return to the headmaster, who has learned they set up and victimized Cruikshank, which means spanking all-round, which is what we do in our theatre. Each girl gets 8 strokes over the trestle, on the bare. They position quickly and professionally, having some experience with this.

TRIPLE SPANKING: The same three girls in different trouble. Each is spanked bare by the faceless headmaster for infractions. He likes to fondle and scrape his nails a bit.

TRIPLE CANING: The three girls get about 6 cane strokes for poor pool cleaning, on their bare bottoms–Cruikshank especially appealing bent over in tight red silk panties.






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