2 Aug

M/f; year: 2003; time: 42 minutes

Sexy actress Lucy Bailey plays blond ‘Jenny,’ who sleeps late, is awakened by her husband and finds herself OTK bare-bottom for failing to do his laundry and sleeping in a shirt he needed. This seems a better way than coffee to wake a girl up. She must iron the shirt and stands at her board in just lace panties. We love scenes of nude and semi-nude housekeeping.

Husband goes to work; Jenny returns to bed in just those knickers. She later takes a bath in a luxurious Jacuzzi (we’re wondering why she sleeps in a fold-out couch but has a tub like this, unless of course they filmed this in a hotel room). Wrapped in just a towel, she bends over a washing machine, little bottom peeking out. Machine doesn’t work–she calls a repairman.

She has no money–she offers her body for payment. Only so many times in a day a guy can accept this kind of payment, but he can give her a spanking instead. Over the kitchen table, little red skirt up, tiny thong pulled down with elegant care. He spanks Jenny with his belt; her bottom soars in ths position [an orange cat runs through the scene very confidently and noses itself out a door to avoid the spanking chaos]. Jenny kneels up on the kitchen table–great use of domestic props here, bottom-high, head down, a full display of Jenny’s charms. 12 more ripping belt slaps in closeup.

 Jenny goes back to bed. Husband come home–the house is still a mess. Out of bed, he sees her red bottom. “What’s all this–what have you been up to?” He happens to have brought a bag of implements and we begin her third spanking session–the same sweet target.

OTK, on the bed–paddles and straps, white panties on the floor. Diaper position for more, top off, down to bra, garter belt, and high heels, action clothes, as if she planned for the day to come to this. After this variety of postures and implements, they hug and make up, confirming this is a good way to get the evening off on the right foot.

The film contains some out-takes of Lucy Bailey posing nude and semi-nude in the course of making the scenes, shown to the sounds of flesh slapping flesh.

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