Cry Babies’ Caning – CALSTAR

3 Aug

F/2f; time: 38 minutes

Lots of great spankings in horse stables. Actress Tiffany Jones, who knows both ends of the business, plays gentlewoman/horsewoman ‘Mrs. Jameson.’ Two stablemates, cute blondes, have let their horses escape and don’t want to brave the rain to retrieve them, and when they report it to her, they are marched into a glass-enclosed sunroom for an accounting.

Mrs. Jameson tells the girls they’re getting the “beating of your life.” but first she arranges to have someone round up the horses. The girls await her return and discuss what they know is going to happen, sexy anticipatory references to “paddles and canes,” and “the bare bottom.”

Jameson will deal with blond Julia (actress Jamie Woods) first. OTK on the posh rattan couch, spanking on slacks, then on her panties, slow and hard, as actress, Ms. Jones has often demonstrated. Down with the thong–Julia screeches, her pain seems real to us. The second blonde, Penny, watches: “You’re really¬†a cruel woman, Mrs. Jameson.” In fact, Tiffany Jones does project a relentless focus worthy of her Domme-peers.

Julia’s turn continues–over a chair; Penny rubs her bottom, maybe a little too carefully. Jameson returns with a paddle, strap, and cane and with the news that her neighbors returned with the horses, but the girls are not let off.

Jameson starts with Penny with the leather paddle–Ms. Jones uses full swings, without any suggestion of leniency. She then takes up the cane and will start on Julia first, who groans audibly at the sight of the rattan. Julia takes five hard strokes on bare skin. On the first stroke, she jumps up and runs off-screen, clearly not in the script. She returns–there is a little smile on Jameson’s face. “Over here, girl!” After five strokes, and some choppy editing, she sits collapsed on the floor, apparently broken down, the cry baby. To be fair, Ms. Jones is tough with the cane. She knows just how to snap her wrist to cause maximum sting without too much damage.

Penny will be spanked next, her stone-washed jeans down quickly. “Put it out [her bottom]…you’re taking it better than she was..” White thong down, top off, jeans and thong removed from her ankles. Just a bra. More handspanking standing. “Put your bottom out.” Oval paddle; closeups, frontals; some bruising.

Now Penny makes a remark you can file in the ‘stupid’ drawer (actually we have three or four drawers), “The way Julia was crying, I thought it was much harder.” The leather floppy paddle curbs her tongue. The cane: over 20 strokes are shown–short, snappy shots. Great closeups, repeats, increasing severity. she can hardly hold her place.

The two girls are chased back to work, naked. “Take your clothes with you.” Maybe we will see in another horseback riding CP film some bare bottom rides in the corral after punishment.


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