The Errant Daughter – LONDON VIDEO

3 Aug

M/f; year: 1992; time: 26 minutes

A cupcake of a blonde, Billie, comes home after three days and is confronted by her father, an ageplay spanking actor from the Roue era. Billie is wearing a sexy loose bodysuit. Her father sends her to take a bath, providing us with the traditional nudie sudsy tub scene typical of this era, with the emphasis on a delightful wet bottom. The actress can’t resist a furtive smile for the camera crew probably crowded into the bathroom.

She is summoned to the living room, innocently clad only in a towel, a cunning domestic scene we recall fondly in other CP  films of this era. Bath towels make one think of wet bottom spankings. Where was she last night? “I only went to Bristol.” Father assumed she danced nude there. She came home wearing no underwear.

“You will now be subject to my discipline,” showing her a spanking strap kept handy in his bookcase. She must drop the towel. “Daddy, I’m an adult.” That fact is on full display.

He sends her to put on “decent underwear.” In a reverse strip tease scene, she puts on gauzy white silk panties. Legs open, bare boobs, not so innocent for the era. Back to Father-some outfit for him!

He puts her to exercises–bend-overs to highlight her slik-pantied bottom. He takes the knickers down and starts to work with the strap. Good glimpses between her legs. She is excellent at whimpering and begging and can’t stay put for this strap. Her young boobs pop out from beneath the little slip she wears.

Her crocodile tears degenerate to a touch of anger and profanity. “Bloody hell….you’re supposed to be my father….oww, that fuckin’ hurts!”  The strap is as far as Father goes tonight. Billie pulls her buttocks apart as she rubs, just in case we missed anything.


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