Relative Temptations – STRICTLY ENGLISH

4 Aug

M/f; year: 1995; time: 55 minutes

Actress Suzi Martell play Deborah, just about the naughiest relative you can imagine in one of the more overtly sexual CP films we have seen. She visits her brother-in-law ( a correction from a careful reader). Her marriage is breaking up. When uncle escorts her to her room, Suzi asks him to stay while she slowly takes off all her clothes from her trip. “You’re still a monkey,” he observes.

“You used to tease me you’d spank my bottom…you never did.” Lots of views of Deborah’s tight athletic tush as she strips down to a leotard. Ms. Martell arches her back and thrusts her hips like a professional. This is not a schoolgirl video. Ms. Martell markets her special body, a hard, tight, small bottom on long, thin athletic legs, the kind of legs you would describe as going ‘up to here.’  She thrusts out her small natural breasts when she arches her back. Her small buttocks provide ‘tweener views,’ which she flaunts.

After a nude post-shower scene filmed voyeur-like, she joins uncle in a scandalous shorty robe and bikini panties,  designed for removal. “You don’t think I am good enough?” she coos and climbs onto his lap. She begs for a “good spanking…maybe you should,” unbuttoning his shirt. “You know you want it.” From the posture she is in, she should be able to check for herself.

Uncle takes her OTK. The slapping is mild and playful to begin. He takes her white knickers down, slowly and sensually. Deborah pumps and raises her hips as if she were in heat. Sexy talk. “I’ve been a naughty girl.” She climbs onto his lap, straddles him, takes off her blouse and is now naked. “No, this isn’t right.”   “..why, we can’t stop now.”

She stands naked, frustrated and angry. “If you want me to stay, you’d better take what I am offering.” Now uncle is mad, grabs her OTK, naked, and the spanking is much harder, the playful veneer gone. She squeals, but they hug after this vigorous scene. Where are we headed?

Scene FADE: Deborah has settled in; she finds uncle’s spanking cach–implements and JANUS magazines. Another FADE: she has changed into her retired schoolgirl uniform, she sips wine, and pages through the illustrated spanking scenes, waiting for uncle.

He arrives and is not surprised, of course, but he surely sees the setup. “I didn’t know you had such a collection.” “No point in my pretending…you do know what happens to a naughty girl?” “They get spanked, sir.” OTK she goes without a dispute. “Naughty girls, they get spanked….on their bare bottoms.” Her cute uniform, erotically incongruous for her age and designed purely for sex, is a white blouse, a dark pinafore with school crest, white socks, heels, and soon we see the white knickers.

Panties down, Ms. Martell’s bottom rises to meet its challenge, per usual. “Going to warm up this surface for the…paddle…or maybe the cane.” She counts a sexy “dozen good smacks.” Kneeling on a chair, knickers down, she keeps her skirt clear and is paddled, quite hard, with a leather padded oval. She kneels up, uncle wraps one arm around her chest, and paddles rapidly in series, taking Deborah to a new and uncomfortable level.

Standing, Deborah touches-toes for the slipper. Ms. Martell is supple and athletic. Some smacks make her stand for a pause.

And now: “This is the ultimate deterrent.” We are given leisurely time with her frontal tawny mohawk while she and uncle discuss her being a “good girl.” They kiss before the caning begins.

To the mantelpiece, Deborah bends over at a 90-degree angle, accentuating her long legs and jutting buttocks. Uncle canes her, hard and true, 2 sets of 6. Then kneeling on and over the back of a straight chair for two more sets of 6 and “two extras” because she can’t remain still. Two dozen-plus strokes, no real marks appear. She generates some tears. “You’re really cruel.”

Nothing a slow body creaming won’t cure, with plenty of attention between her legs. She climbs into the straddle position on uncle’s lap again to conclude.

2 Responses to “Relative Temptations – STRICTLY ENGLISH”

  1. Ingen February 7, 2021 at 7:17 pm #

    Important correction: the spanker isn’t her uncle, it’s her brother-in-law (the husband of her deceased sister).

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