Call Girl Caning – CALSTAR

9 Aug

M/f; year: 1995; time: 30 minutes

A girl takes a phone call and discusses “consentual massage”  with a customer and makes an appointment for 7:30. The guy shows up, carrying a short map tube (hmm, have seen this trick somehere before). Joyce, a busty brunette, chats up the guy, who promply strips down to just his shorts. He suddenly pulls out a badge from his pants (which he is not wearing anymore). He’s a cop.

“Down to the station or do it my way.” He shows her a cane (which was in the tube–you’d think she would have challenged the package when he brought it in). Joyce: “I’ve never had the cane.” She has a sheepish look on her face to support the improbable claim.

He’ll be as nice as he can though and starts her OTK, skirt up. She kneels up on the couch for more and can’t see what he is doing–it is the studded paddle. “What have you got?” She takes her dress and knickers off and stands almost naked in the corner, where he straps her while she steands. He admires his progress. “It’s looking nice…narly as red as these {her panties).” She challenges his identity but doesn’t get anywhere.

More strapping and croppingi n various positions. Finally, she is steered into the touch-toes posture for the cane and gets about 25 strokes and we could not detect any repeats. She gives us frontal glimpses as she jumps around in pain between strokes.

Near the conclusion he asks her to take her bra off. Indignant by this time, she takes it off and presents her impressive boobs. “All right? Good enough for you?” He orders her back into the corner to remain until he leaves. “See you same time next week.”

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