Sister Act – RED STRIPE

10 Aug

M/2f; time: 44 minutes

Simple plot deliverd by experienced actors makes an enjoyable diversion. Two nubile long-stemmed girls are sent to their Uncle Jack because their mother can’t handle them, and because, their mother tells the girls, “This requires a man’s hand.”

Sophie and Anna (actress ‘Elena’) report to Uncle Jack, who must think he has died and gone to heaven. This has happened before. Everyone knows what to do. Anna (Elena is a thin, sultry blonde,especially endowed for taking her pants off) will be spanked first. OTK. “Lift up your skirt.” Jack is especially pleased to see her regulation knickers, full white panties.

He pulls the pants down. Sophie, a tall and glamorous pageboy brunette, someone we are looking forward to when her turn surely comes, fidgets in the background, so Jack has her squat and wait on a stool and hang her bottom over the edge, skirt up. Poor Anna. “It’s hurting!” “Of course it’s hurting. You say that every time.” When he smacks her thighs, she jumps up.

Back OTK, Jack spanks with two straps, very hard. RedStripe adds an inserted screen of Anna’s face as the spanking proceeds. Jack next moves Sophie off the stool for Anna to bend fully over it, baby bare, grasping a low rung with her hands. He canes her hard, little white marks appear, tears after seven strokes, a pause to rub at 12. The next position is touch-toes. Everyone seems to know this is going to be much more painful. Six more solid strokes, then an additional 2 because Anna is slow to respond to instructions.

Anna’s session finished, she hands over her trophy panties and sits on the stool, her red bottom hanging over. He spreads her clean white knickers ceremoniously on the table and shifts to Sophie.

She goes OTK, gray skirt up. This sophisticated brunette shows black panties, garter belt, black stockings, and high heels.  Jacks handspanks and slaps her thighs. (facial screen inserts) She stands and faces us, intentionally to flash her fuzz. Hands-on-couch for the strap, camera from below, up her long legs. Panties stretched tight at her ankles, rubbing, twitching, every erotic detail.

Sophie’s caning is longer and more detailed. 8 strokes over the stool, which has been recaptured from bare-bottom Anna. Uncle Jack puts Anna kneeling on the couch, head over the back, so her bare bottom is in the shot throughout the rest of Sophie’s caning. After 8 strokes, Sophie rubs, 3 more–rub again. Then the punitive toe-touching.

Two sets of six in this lovely posture, before she is released to kneel with Anna on the couch, bottoms on display to”cool off for a half-hour.” All CP film makers know to carefully pan such a scene.


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