My Pleasure – CALSTAR

11 Aug

MF/2f; year: 1998; time: 53 minutes

A surprise for us, an American film we liked. Eddie works in a hardware store office trying to save his floundering business. His blond assistant Miss Witherspoon does an occasional bend-over as she works around him.

Witherspoon first attacks Fay, a curly-haired brunette, for preparing terrible advertising copy. “Maybe we will have to discipline you.” Fay is made to bend over her own drafting table stool and is spanked hard as her copy mistakes are pointed out. Skirt up, bare bottom but for a little G-string. Perfect closeups. Fay was nicely cast.

Blond Julia, another employee, eavesdrops on the spanking sounds, nervous because she too has made serious mistakes. Fay is released and sends Julia in. The blond towers over Witherspoon, maybe 18″, her bottom blooms at Witherspoon’s chest level. Julia drops her skirt and bends over the drafting table–Witherspoon bunches her white panties and spanks very hard. Fay is called in to watch.

Eddie is going to have his way with the girls also. Fay is sent in to him first, sashaying her rear. Eddie explains how poor her work is and takes her to their workroom. “Take off your skirt.” “What for?” “Want to be fired?” “No.”

Skirt off, just a G-string, Fay stands facing a sort of coat rack and grabs hanging straps so she is spread, in just blouse, garter belt, and stockings. Eddie slaps her bottom. Fay turns to face him and spreads her legs to the width of the rack base. After a few smacks to her open thighs, “Why don’t you take the rest of your clothes off….or clock out.” Things happen down here in the work room.

Fay strips off her blouse, chemise, garter belt, G-string, and stockings and now stands in just heels. Slow camera pan as she stands nude in humiliation, nice bikini lines.

Witherspoon arrives, carrying a paddle, Julia in tow. She knows what goes on in this room. “Take your clothes off,” she says to Julia as Eddie smacks Fay. Two naked girls now. Julia, with natural reddish fuzz, seems even taller and fills the screen with pink. Both girls hang onto a strap on the rack. Eddie tawses Fay and Witherspoon handspanks Julia. Closeups of two virtually professional tushes.

FADE to a new scene/. Julia is naked on Eddie’s lap in his office for a handspanking. Julia kneels on a chair for more. Eddie telephones the customer whose order Julia messed yp. “She’s naked…over a chair…listen.” He makes Julia hold the phone and apologize as he smacks her bottom.

The chastised employees are sent home. Witherspoon sits on Eddie’s lap, for what is the culmination of their day. “Let’s have a little fun,” he says and unbuttons her blouse.

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