The Caning Caretaker – MOONGLOW

11 Aug

M/2f; year: 2004; time: 40 minutes

Actor Joe Stewart, not as tough as he looks, flirts with two young wives in his apartment. Their presence and interest in him are not clear. The girls have gotten into his cache of spanking films and blond Sarah left her cell phone behind, containing texts with a boyfriend she is cheating on her husband with.

So Joe can blackmail to get his kicks. He orders the girls to spank each other. Actress Alison Payne, a little older here, with her hair now dark blond with highlights in lieu of the curly chestnut, is reluctant to spank her friend Sarah, but Sarah agrees and takes Alison OTK.

Up with her tarty leather micro-skirt, high-cut dark pink knickers partially cover her much bally-hooed world-class bottom. Sarah does a silly smacking, despite Joe’s: “You know what to do. You’ve seen enough of my films.” Alison has spread her legs–knowing herself what to do in these situations. Joe and Sarah together tug down her knickers–Alison’s Irish stuff on full display.

Alison takes over to spank Sarah. “Nice and hard?” she asks, but doesn’t deliver. Blond Sarah is nice with her knickers down, though. Joe then sends Alison home “to be dealt with tomorrow.” Unfortunately that is all we will see of her (checking for a sequel), but Sarah is going to get the full monte from ole’ Joe.

They chatter in rapid brogue. She bends over a chair; mild paddling; black knickers down; a solid, firm and full bottom, ideal for a nice leisurely spanking. She fusses. “The more you argue, the more you get.” Sarah is sent to an adjacent room, where she has stripped off her dress and put on tight white knickers and stockings, and that is all, waiting for him.

Diaper postion on the couch, a thin wide wood paddle is used mildly, but she is very sweet in just knicks, black stockings, and heels. Joe puts Sarah over the couch arm, her head to the floor, so her bottom is highest. Panties down–this is a position where some serious action could occur, but it is mild stuff, despite her continuing “That’s enough, Joe” protestations.

Joe gets in casual and lengthy gropes and feels. “Feel humiliated?” The scene fades for a reason we can’t detect–it wasn’t as if she was getting a whupping. We return to a full frontal of her tawny bush and her solid, perfect, and voluptuous body, no scrawny dancer here.

OTK for the strap. Joe goes between her legs and also grabs handfuls of breasts. More strapping, hands-on-head for some naked humiliation, before it is finally time for “my favorite friend.”

Sarah pulls her beautifully tight white knickers back in place, hugely increasing the erotic tension of the caning about to begin. Over the back of a straight chair, about 15 strokes, the first few on white satin, then on the bare. For some reason, Joe canes harder than any of the spankings, paddling,or strapping. Sarah elicits the first reflexive grunts of discomfort we have heard. Two very fast hard strokes cause her to break. “Ooh, no need for that,” she blurts out.

Sarah stands against the wall, in the frisk postion,knickers tight across her thighs, very attractive. About 15 more cane strokes–two fast sets make her jump away for a pause to screw up her courage to get back into position. Excellent closeups of her bottom are held to show in fact that this variety of implement has taken its toll. She is lovely naked; Joe twirls her a few times for effect to enjoy his prize.

At the conclusion of the caning, just so there is no potential at all for her dignity, she peels down the half-masted knickers, removes the stockings and shoes, and lies on the couch to have her bottom creamed. She sounds content. Joe is a lecherous taskmaster.

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