Strict Step Mom – CALSTAR

12 Aug

F/2f; time: 51 minutes

An America production, with its prototypically bizarre approach to CP. This step mom is not only strict, she is a little warped.

Brunette Roxy is the first step daughter home from school. She gets bawled out for various things and screams “You’re not my mother.” Fighting words. “When your sister gets home I’m going to have the same conversation.”

Step mom gets Roxy bent over a hassock, skirt up, unapproved tattoos discovered. The handspanking is modest and the talk-talk very American. “Why are you such a bitch?” “For that, you get a caning right off the bat.” Roxy holds one cane in her mouth while the step mom lays on a few ineffectual strokes with another. The camera angle up her legs from the floor helps.

Then that uniquely American spanking position which is difficult to film, more difficult to describe, and seems to minimize good smacks–Roxy lies face down on the hassock on her stomach and straddles her step mom with spread legs. Finally the camera shoots from over the mom’s shoulder. More OTK on the couch, panties down.

Matters escalate. Step mom unfastens Roxy’s skirt herself, over a table for the crop, bare bottom. She slaps Roxy’s palms with a heavy doubled belt, then a few bent over. Step mom slowly unbuttons Roxy’s blouse, no bra, naked, nipples pierced, not permitted! With a paddle, the step mom slaps Roxy’s breasts.

With the cane, step mom taps and teases more than anything. Roxy’s panties in her mouth for a gag. Bigger cane on the hassock. Mom yanks her ample pigtails  and slaps her dangling breasts. And after all this more or less mock punishment, Roxy is sent to remove the piercings.

Daughter Bridget, another sexy  brunette, enters, disrespectful, well-tattooed, and wearing a micro skirt too short to describe. Step mom will spank her too–over a chair, the skirt doesn’t have to be raised. Slow handspanking on white panties. The head-down actress must laugh. “Think this is funny?”

The step mom strips off her skirt and yanks the pants down. Bridget kneels on a hassock–she is very tall, so her bare bottom soars. The filming is done from the floor, bare feet in the foreground, up her legs. Creative. Mom shifts to a wooden spoon, mild, then a long plastic shoe horn used for boots. She tucks up Bridget’s jersy so her boobs hang and slaps at them also. There are tattoos up and down her back.

Various positions and implements. Mom makes Bridget choose a “tool” from her collection. She picks a little slapper. There follows the only noteworthy moment in the film. Mostly naked Bridget assumes the diaper position by herself on the hassock and is able to hold her legs vertically in a wide ‘V’ without help and even without propping her hips with her hands. Quite athletic. With the slapper and a bigger wooden spoon, mom snipes at the lower cheeks, inner thighs, and gluteal crease which are the main offering provided by the diaper position, and of course this posture does not help a young lady’s modesty.

Mom has spanked both her step-daughters today, with a handy supply of tools, and with no reticence. The girls were not unfamiliar with her style.

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