Rural Discipline – SPANKINGONLINE

13 Aug

M/4f; time: 23 minutes

There isn’t much to this simple video, with the exception of 4 charming actresses,  convincing as schoolgirls, and brief spankings and canings, exquisitely erotic if you like the genre. On second thought, there is a lot to this short film.

A willowy blond Head Prefect reports three girls to the Headmaster. Two of the girls fidget outside his office in one of those bottom-skin tightening scenes CP producers like. They giggle, not as nervous as they should be.

They are marched in, now joined by a third auburn-haired girl, observed by the blond Head. The Headmaster, in his gown, has the girls raise their uniform skirts and drop their knickers, lest anyone doubt what is about to happen.

He takes the first blonde over his lap, knickers down, for a fast, light handspanking, more to come. The second blonde, much taller, flashes a full, thck thatch of pubic hair without embarrassment as she is taken OTK for the same. The redhead is spanked last,a cute tattoo on her right buttock.

There will be phases. The girls bend over a table for the cane, just six strokes and somewhat faked, but cute, and concluded with a long fuzzy frontal lineup, nobody is trying to cover up.

The pretty blond Prefect spectator will not escape. She is put over the table, pants down for handspanking  and a brief caning, then it’s four fuzzies in a row.

The film concludes with some confusing chicanery on the school lawn. The spanked students jump the Prefect. The Headmaster joins in for some whacks at the Prefect, these scenes containing lovely exeriors of the rolling English countryside.

The Headmaster manages to catch one of the blond students inside for just a bit more of his hand and strap.

We come away from this caper with lasting images of cute students, lots of knickers, and stone walls and pastureland.

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