The Caning Game Keeper – MOONGLOW

13 Aug

M/f; year: 2004; time: 25 minutes

Mr. Giles, a middle-aged game keeper nattily attired in puttees and hounds-tooth racing cap, happily check out his spanking implements. He has caught a young lady carousing in his fields and she is coming by for her comeuppance. The doorbell rings–dogs bark, very British.

The young lady, actress Alison Payne, arrives in jeans, flannel shirt, hair pinned up, and wearing heels. He face on the screen quickens the pulse. She has agreed to accept punishment–this means spanking, to avoid the police. She was setting fires and trespassing. Alison is resigned but nevertheless salty. “I don’t give a damn about your red squirrels.” In the next twenty minutes, she will wish she had cared about those little varmints.

Giles grabs her OTK and begins spanking. The screen is filled with Alison’s jeaned bottom, lovely anticipation. Alison has been one of our favorite actresses during the act of the actual spanking–she can dialogue, quarrel, resist, and madly wriggle without peer. She can also look right into the camera without making it seem she is checking with the director. Giles exclaims what we are all thinking: “I must say, a spankable bottom.”

“Get up…get those pants down…I am going to continue on your bare bottom.” Alison reads the classic line; “My bare bottom?” Alison stands and pulls her jeans down, knowing this is a minor climax of the film. No panties. Giles starts with a small strap.

“We’ve nearly finished with this preliminary phase.” Alison stands against the wall, hands-on-head, bare bottom, cute with her flannel shirt tucked up.

The next “phase” is surprising. Alison is sent to change and returns in a slinky white silk nightgown, her flowing chestnut Irish hair loose. We can only assume she knows something about this game keeper, including where to find this nightgown in his house. Lots of ad lib here as Giles starts on her silked bottom with a long kitchen spoon. “Nice knickers you have under that dress. We’ll see them in a few minutes.” And, “I’m rather enjoying this.” With a collectible Alison snipe retort: “I  bet you are.”

Gown up, white eggshell-pattern knickers; floppy strap, absolutely orasamic wriggling. Diaper position on the couch–Alison is helpful, willing, compliant, and knowledgeable about these things. “Like this?” A  studded strap. Knickers off. “Legs apart…thank you.” Alison is totally revealed.

Alison stands. Giles shows her the martinet. “Ever seen one of these?” “Never in my life.” (That’s what we like so much about Alison). He lashes away. She is allowed to rub, very much a partner in this. “Another 15 with this.” She counts them out. “A brave girl, I must admit.” Ms. Payne is indeed a brave spankee, evidenced in lots of films. Her bottom is fully red all over.

“We’ll finish this lesson with the cane….seen a cane before?” “OK, no, does it hurt?” Over a chair, bottom bare and full-screen some of the time. 18 strokes to start; at the 11th, she mutters “higher.” Her erotic wriggling is maddening. Her Irish brogue ad libs (“be careful now”) are frequent. After the first 18, she faces us, shameless lass, rubs herself, and admits she has learned her lesson.

But Giles wants “six more,” even harder, and accompanied by Alison’s little yelps. “Perhaps I might have a rub too…we have a lot of strange ways in the country.” She accepts the offer of a glass of whisky as  they walk off-set. We would keep her pants off for a bit while we shared a single malt, standing.

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