Rebels at St. Angela’s – ROUE

14 Aug

MF/f; time: 18 minutes

We keep expanding our vintage archives. Blond Jennifer, another sweet and innocuous-looking girl selected and presented so carefully by Roue, awaiting her spanking. No producer has ever exceeded Roue’s skill in depicting nail-biting, apprehensive girls awaiting their punishment. Jennifer has written a naughty letter about teacher Miss Padgett.

She reads posted instructions for girls awaiting punishment.Jennifer pulls up her skirt and pulls down her knickers as required as she awaits her appointment. There are flashbacks to her being spanked bare bottom by the headmaster. Round Two for her will be with the Miss Padgett. Canes await in the corner.

Padgett enters. Jennifer’s pants are down as required. Her apologies are rejected; the fact that she has already had a session with the headmaster equally irrelevant. Stern Padgett takes matters into her own hands. “Sorry is not good enough…I’ve got the only answer…bend over!” Padgett is played by the actress who was the senior prefect in ‘Lessons at St. Winifred’s Trilogy’ where she was a firm spanker but also turned up quite a broad bottom when the tables were turned on her.

Jennifoer bends over a classic period school desk Roue uses, in a plausible bare school room. Hard hand smacks bring quick gasps. Padgett gets a cane. “I’m going to cane you until you beg me to stop….how many lines were in the letter…forty?” We see about 25 sgtrokes, varying from mild taps to hard zingers. Sweet, tear-streaked facials allowed the director to repeat some strokes, but the theater has its desired effect on us. Padgett teases with the cane tip as Jennifer blubbers.

The brief film ends, Jennifer sits, bare bottom on the wood, to write an apology to the board of governors. Roue did not capture an oblique of this sight as they have done in some other classroom scenes.

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