The Perfect Care – LUPUS RIGID EAST

15 Aug

F/2f; time: 26 minutes

An odd and bizarre exercise, probably for those of us who like to see nurses get turned upside down to get some of what they give out. This story may fulfill a hospital fantasy or two.

Two student nurses tend to a guy completely swathed in gauze bandages–his eyes click back and forth watching these sexy young women bustle about. When he gets an erection, the girls wager to see who gets to climb on. Dava, the winner, has her pants off and is about to perform the service when the girls are caught by the head nurse, actress Helena Kubecova.

If the girls must do this sort of thing, Helena will give the patient an eyeful. Dava is made to strip naked, covering herself as best she can and keeping on her little cap. She is ordered to lie on her stomach on an adjacent bed and spread her legs. The other nurse, Pavlina, pulls a rubber sheet under her hips. Dava is ordered to masturbate, and Pavlina must finger her; the patient rocks in his bed. Silly soundtrack music ensures we see the comic aspects of this scene.

The head nurse stops the festivities just before the orgasms. Pavlina must bathe her vagina, then we’re given a slow pubic shaving scene, sexy and in closeup. There is a flashback of this naked nurse on top of the patient, completing wild sex.

Pavlina will not escape, she strips naked and has the more buxom body of the two girls, making our day as well as the patient’s. She spreads on the bed, masturbates, and is tended to by Dava. This seems to be a short class on vaginas.

After 19 minutes, the first and only CP occurs. The head nurse whips both girls with a length of enema hose, as they take turns kneeling on the bed, head down, knees wide. It is a hard session, but all too brief.

The girls are dismissed. The head nurse checks the patient. Yes, the patient’s hard-on persists. There is the suggestion she will invoke her seniority and remain to  do something about it.

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