Tessara’s Playroom – NU WEST

16 Aug

F/’f; time: 29 minutes

Nu West’s description says Tessara likes to spank “her girls.” She’s a madam? Dominatrix? Lesblian? No matter, we support her hobby. On her agenda today is a buxom blonde, Jennifer. We’re given a series of scenes over time showing Jennifer’s intensifying punishment.

First scene: Tessara has stripped to a jeweled bra top and matching bikini pants and naughty heels. Poor Jennifer has been strapped down over the Nu West punishment block, the function of which she explains, for those of you who haven’t seen it before. Jennifer’s bottom is encased in opaque red pantyhose and is high and handy. Tessara keeps up a hard handspanking with repeated references to “your sweet little ass,” as she paces and circles her prey. We have two showgirl figures to choose from. “The hotter you get the hotter I get.”

Scene three: Jennifer is now nude, strappped over a wood frame; Tessara uses a tawse/lash, to mild effect, but sexy, thanks to Nu West’s cavern acoustics and the vulnerable pose. Jennifer’s bare feet kick frantically.

The fourth scene is an odd and funny one; both girls are fully dressed, Jennifer in riding habit. She is seated on a saddle placed on sawhorses, while Tessara brandishes a strap. Jennifer must rise up in the saddle, jockey-style, and take  the crop across her jodphured-bottom. Can’t tell much about the effect, but at least this is clever.

And finally–Nu West gets down to brass tacks–Jennifer is strung up nude, spreader-bar wide. “Now the whip.” Tessara mildly whips her while we’re given a delightful 360-degree tour. Jennifer is a ’10,’ front, back, top, and bottom, and careful with the Lady Schick.

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