The Girls Boarding School – Collection #1

17 Aug

This wonderful Internet site turns out consistently erotic and stimulating spanking scenarios based on the schoolgirl theme, most about 7-15 minutes long, complete unto themselves, and featuring perfect, fresh, and plausible young ladies, and depicting the catalogue of schoolgirl spanking fetish situatons and behavior. The production values are flawless, there are no flubs, low-flying airplanes, or missed cues. When a girl’s panties come down, we’re usually front-row center. In each story, a young lady is summoned or corralled for swift punishment–the girls doing a nice job of passively accepting the policy of the school, while pleading for leniency. And throughout, we find just enough incredulity from the girls as they go through their paces that no mean edge develops.

We joined the site and are working through our first random selections. Here are a dozen or so to begin.

‘Back Again’ (M/f; 9 minutes): When the master of the school declares, “Good old Claire,” we are pleased to see this attractive and familiar actress, this time with her blond hair pinned up. She is always naughty. She stands, bends over the table in the typically sparse GBS set. White skirt flipped up, bright orange panties match her top. Arms stretched forward. Four cane strokes on the panties; the master pulls them down–there are the stripes. He takes the panties down further–6 more strokes. She drops the skirt and the underwear – 6 more.

To the wall for the obligatory cornering, but she faces us for a leisurely view of her tawny thatch, then faces to the wall, the camera zooms in on her bare  bottom.

‘All My Work’ (M/f; 9 minutes): A pigtailed brunette, in school uniform, waits with her panties down. Things aren’t going well for her, and her bottom already shows cane marks. A male master shows her he is aware she has plagiarized Wordsworth! Only in CP literature would such a claim be made.

“Bend over the table.” Bare bottom, stiff leather paddle, fraternity-aize. Tears. She has to sit again at the desk, bare buttocks on the chair, the camera gets in from above and behind, in a tribute to old Roue shots of chastised schoolgirls doing lines.

‘Bad End Nooner’ (M/f; 5 minutes): Loud noises of hard driving sex action attracts the master. The boy runs off, the naked student’s excuses will not save her. She is a cute blonde who has been able to keep her glasses on throughout all this.

The master takes her OTK, her bottom already shows some fading cane lines. This would provide some evidence that these GBS spankings are legitimate and take some time to fade.

After a brief spanking, she must assume a rather difficult punitive posture we don’t recall seeing. She takes the lunge position, bridging a chair.

‘Bad School Marks’ (M/f; 8 minutes): Regular actress ‘Molly,’ in her blond pigtails and school uniform, goes over the master’s knee for poor grades. She must have been expecting it because she wears no panties. This actress has an especially prominent and dynamic bottom; she tends to cock it up for the spanker.

In her bedroom, she strips nude, puts on pink pajamas, and awaits more punishment. The master arrives with a rug beater, he drops her pj bottoms and helps her over several pillows, elevating those buttocks even more. Rug beaters always seem harmless to us. Top off, naked, more spanking, she is left naked for us to remember.

‘Abi (Whittaker) (22) -Confession. The Thin Rattan Cane‘ (M/f; 12 minutes): The actress ‘Abi’ appears in several films we have found so far. Here, we greet her standing totally naked in a corner, waiting for punishment. Beautiful, placid, submissive scene. She sports shoulder-length dark-blond hair here, perfect for tossing. The master enters with his cane.

Hands-on-couch, Abi flashes her mohawk. 15 snappy cane strokes on her clear bottom. Abi remains stoically silent except for a little confession she must repeat after each stroke.  Camera angle from below most memorable. She is forced to make a cell call while she is being caned, to notify an accomplice.

Back in the corner, the camera zooms on her laddered stripes. She writes a confession on paper against the wall, not a stitch on.

‘Annie’s Bathroom Caning’ (M/f; 9 minutes): Redheaded model Annie, her shoulder-length hair now in pigtails, shivers in just gymslip, no panties, in a bathtub. The master enters, she stands, and he delivers about 20 moderate cane strokes on her pale Nordic skin.

We view this caning from the side, several obliques, full rear, and low from the rear. Annie must thank the master after each stroke and ask for a harder one. The oblique detects welts. Annie’s bottom ranks up there with any we have seen; her shrinking innocence accentuates the eroticism. She is left cornered in the tub–“keep your position for 10 minutes.”

‘Disobedient Again-Molly’ (M/f; 8 minutes): The headmaster/webmaster/spankmaster again with model ‘Molly,’  a tall, blue-eyed, pigtailed blond Nordic type, in schoolgirl blouse, tie, blue skirt, and knee socks. She’s been disobedient again, for which we are glad (and fortunate).

“I will punish you with the belt…get your skirt off…your pants down.” She kneels on a low table, her beautiful pale feminine white bottom competes for your eye with the snow-covered rural scene out the picture windows. Zinging belt strokes; Molly is experienced.

She kneels, cornered, on a padded chest for quiet time. Back on the table for a paddle/strap, then into the diaper position for some intimate views. She concludes, cornered again. The erect kneeling posture is meant to be uncomfortable.

‘Gina’s First Caning’ (M/f; 6 minutes): One of the films we nominate for the ‘great-pajamas’ list. Gina is a stunning brunette–we hope as we work through the GBS file that she can’t stay out of trouble. The master catches her watching a porn film, in her loose fitting white flannel Winnie-the-Pooh’s.

He begins caning her immediately, down with the bottoms; her buttocks seem a bit pink already.  About 15 strokes and no nonsense. Sniffle. For more, she has to bend over, lock her hands behind her knees, a textbook posture, for another  half-dozen. She is sent to bed without bottoms and writhes beautifully in humiliated discomfort. More of Gina!

‘Hold Her! Abi and Beverly’ (M/2f; 19 minutes): A naughty little exercise, another sterling example of GBS’ ability to tweak the fetish. Actresses Abi and Beverly must stand before the master with no pants on, hands at their sides. Sweet little downy fuzz. The girls accept humiliation calmly.

Punishment will occur in a bedroom. Beverly assumes the diaper position and Abi must hold her for 2 hours before the master begins,very unpleasant. He  arrives, takes off his belt, then positions a pillow under Beverly’s hips, necessary because the soft bed absorbs much of her bottom in this posture. He lays on 15 quite harsh strokes with his doubled belt. Beverly wails, Abi counts aloud. Major bruises for a GBS production.

The girls switch positions. Abi’s smaller bottom required a more plumped pillow to present enough flesh on the target. 15 for her.

The master requires the girls to lie bottoms-up side-by-side, the camera examines the variety of marks, some shots up their legs from the foot of the bed. Bare feet wiggle. Lots of bare feet at GBS.

‘How Many More You Deserve’ (M/f; 7 minutes): A rocking caning, almost European. A cute blonde in cut-off T-shirt, denim skirt without panties, and glasses, kneels on a chair, awaiting the master and his cane. She has misbehaved again, and this time she will be caned until SHE says she has had enough, but if she begs off too soon, she’ll  get double. Decisions, Decisions! The master arrives, rucks up her micro skirt to display frontal nudity, rare for us so far on this site.

Kneeling on a chair, she bends over to put hands on the floor. The master lays on 20 hard strokes. She squeals from the first and jerk violently in this highly exposed and unstable position, where her buttocks are waist-high for the caner. The posture eliminates the crease between the buttock and the thigh, exposing some very sensitive stuff. The girl suffers in desperation. At the conclusion, she must hold the position to ponder.

‘Snowfight’ (M/f; 8 minutes): A good example of how little it takes to get your bottom smacked in this school. Molly and Simone have a silly snowball fight outside and are marched in by one of the masters for punishment.

Molly, a very cute young blonde, must be the troublemaker, because she must take off ALL her clothes. Her bottom has had some attention recently. She has wide feminine hips but an otherwise adolescent body. She kneels naked on a stairway seat and leans over the wrought iron bannister for a solid but brief caning, her bare feet wiggling. Brunette Simone is required to stand immediately to the side and observe. Wonderful camera facials from below on the stairs in this inventive position.

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