Girls Boarding School Collection #2

20 Aug

More random selections from this great production company, which understands the nuances of spanking eroticism more than most.

‘Five Days Failure’ (M/f; 7 minutes): Claire, one of GBS’ brunette regulars, in trouble again, waits without pants, for her inquisitor. He arrives–a man’s work is never done. “This will be the main part of your punishment.” Her disobedience has spread over 5 days, earning her multiple attention.

Her charming buttocks are white and clear, but not for long. She climbs over the wood arm of a couch, padded by a towel and takes 4 strokes of the cane for each of the 5-days’ naughtiness. This caning seems a bit more severe than usual–Claire can’t keep her bottom still, gasps, surges, and convulsively shakes.

Obliques of her welts confirm this was a rough session. The master expresses impatience with her sobbing. “Stop crying!” She is made to clean house without her knickers, starting on her hands and knees.

‘Hundred Times’ (M/2f; 8 minutes): Two girls in this segment! They wait in a bedroom, no pants on, bottoms already red. They didn’t write their 100 lines for punishment.

The master will concentrate on ‘Josie,’ an Asian pageboy brunette. She strips naked, kneels on the bed, and leans forward, bottom up, in just little white socks, to finish her lines, getting a tawse across her spread buttocks as she writes. We are reminded of similar encouragements for piano exercises and physical training. Motivates a girl. Emma, a brunette in pigtails, has been watching and is sent off, without her pants either, of course.

‘Stolen Chocolate’ (M/f; 9 minutes): The girls are always hungry at GBS, the modern equivalent of orphans in a Charles Dickens creation. ‘Ellie,’ a tall brunette with one long pigtail, is caught by the maater having helped herself to some candy, just sitting there on the table. “It was just laying there.”

“I’m going to give you a real good paddling.” Ellie has to take off her skirt and knickers and lie over the couch arm. The master notes her marks frrm 2 days ago. She kneels on an arm chair, a lovely British position, her face over the top, just a mild spanking, this time. She pens an apology bare-bottom on the couch.

‘Locked’ (M/f; 13 minutes): A redhead-student locks one of the masters in a room. Surely she knows what happens in this place for virtually any transgression. The head guy finds and releases him, and shortly the redhead is apprehended and marched into the room, her bottom already bare. “It was just a joke.” We know there is no humor in this place. She is cornered hands-on-head while the master gets his canes. She assumes the’frisk’ position, feet wide, hands on the wall. The caning is firm and rapid. Facial shots low from the floor. Hands-on-ankles for more, good obliques.

Nothing like a redhead’s pale skin for a spanking. Her bottom bruises more than usual for GBS. She kneels erect, cornered, on the wood floor, hands-on-head. The locked-in associate is invited back to see the results of the master’s work.

‘Nude at Daylight’ (M/f; 9 minutes): We hope you share our fascination with nude swimming pool scenes. A striking brunette (actress ‘Kailee’)must have stayed out all night and now she swims naked in a picturesque pool, perched overlooking the sea. She makes the prototype cinematic grand exit from the pool, walking slowly up underwater steps. After just enough time to take in her student body, she wraps herself in a towel and tries to sneak upstairs in the building to her room.

The master catches her on scenic stairs and demands that the towel not leave the pool and rips it away. “Excuse me,” he stammers, when he sees she is naked. She is going to be punished right now, and is sent naked to the ‘punishment room,’ a barren garage-like space which provides stark contrast to the palatial settings we have seen so far. She collapses and curls up on the floor, almost fetal-like, in bare humiliation.

The master arrives with his cane. She grasps a pillar and leans out from it, bare feet spread on the concete, frisk-position, and takes well over 30 cane strokes. As in all GBS segments, the glamourous brunette must remain alone to contemplate her faults. The camera zooms in intimately as she lies curled up again.

‘Special Audience for Annie’ (2M/f; 9 minutes): Redheaded Annie, with a slight Slavic accent, appears in several GBS features. Annie hasn’t done her chores. “I was tired,” she whines. “You know what’s coming next, don’t you?….and today you will have an audience.” We’re seen some private schools have special sorts of fund-raising. A Mr. Meyers sits front and center; the master takes Annie OTK, hard spanking on her jeans. Hands-on-chair, 10 cane strokes on those jeans. The master gives Meyers the honors–he unfastens her jeans and slips down her panties; unfortunately, the view is partially blocked. Annie endures this helplessly.

The master lays on a few cane strokes on her pale bare skin, then to Meyers: “Would you like to be alone with her for a moment?” He fondles this lovely butterfly capture; the scene fades as he begins a light caning of his own, and what else?

‘Stolen Laptop’ (M/f; 7 minutes): ‘Nastasha’ is dragged stark naked into her room and left kneeling on her bed. “Keep position. I’ll be back in ten minutes.” Instead, she escapes out her window. The master returns and phones for her to be captured, returned to her room, and tied in place this time.

When the master arrives, Nastasha is stretched over a bundle of blankets under her hips, wrists loosely tied to the headboard, bottom ready and waiting. The master removes his belt and straps her, hard and quickly. She is lightly enough bound to struggle. Great closeups of her red bottom to conclude.

‘Stupid Girl’ (M/f; 10 minutes): ‘Emma’ is a demure brunette schoolgirl, in blouse and pinafore, sitting waiting in shame for her spanking, the hairbrush and a packet of marijuana displayed in front of her. The master arrives–she will be hereinafter referred to as the ‘stupid girl.”

OTK, maroon regulation panties down, a hard hairbrush spanking. The actress makes valiant attempts to prevent her brunette hair from covering her face. She gasps: “I’m sorry, sir.”

She lies across a chair, bare bottom centered, head almost to the floor for more of the brush. The master barks: “This is only part one…keep position for an hour!” Zoom on the red bottom.

“Sundown’ (M/f; 12 minutes): “Lisa cavorts in a pool in a bikini you know must come off. We’re not at the boarding school today. The master arrives, the house is a mess, Lisa appears to be the housekeeper. He gwts his cane. Lisa shrinks back in horror when she sees it, one of the best reactions we can recall to what every girl must feel.

She begins to clean up, our eyes on her wet bikini bottoms. He locks the door and lowers the metal storm blinds–sundown, at least of Lisa, and she knows it. She yelps at cane snaps at her wet bottoms. “Pull these down…pull them down.” Bare bottom at the sink shot from the floor.

He canes as she washes dishes. She scrubs the floor, no pants on, cane snaps. More caning as she cleans here and there. Left ‘cornered’ to conclude, where most GBS girls end up.


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