Bordello Patrol – PAIN4FEM

23 Aug

M/2f; time: 45 minutes

A blackmail frequently appearing in Eastern European CP filsm–a male and a female police officer apprehend two prostitutes who haven’t got their papers in order and decide to video tape some fun with them, in a room right in the bordello where they work, the room happens to be fitted out with S&M equipment.

Actresses ‘Jenifer’ and ‘Paris,’ two small curvy brunettes, are led away in handcuffs to room #8. They have been there before and do not seem disturbed to see spanking implements on the wall, a spanking trestle likely on loan from Rigid East, and a whipping post complete with waiting manacles.

Police officer ‘Peter’ (of SpankingServer wicked fame also) sends his comely female assistant officer to their car to get the camera. They are going to give the girls a workout on their own premises. Jenifer is told to strip naked, and is then cuffed slowly, wrists fastened to ankles. Paris is required to use a dildo on her before Peter slap/straps her in intimate places the sitting position/knees spread posture offers, as the camera rolls.

As Paris undresses for her turn, Jenifer grabs Peter’s pistol but is quickly overpowered, earning extra opprobrium. “OK, let’s get to it.” Jenifer is stripped and fastened to the pole as the parking place. Peter flogs her bare back. Everything is done slowly and with the S&M tinge typical of this producer, with less emphasis on the specifically corporal punishment aspects. Paris is attached to the pole and Jenifer is fastened, spreadeagled, face down, on a bed with the straps already in place waiting. Peter canes her, an enormous 65 strokes, which takes 18 minutes on film. The strokes are moderate, but she is pinned down immobile, with her buttocks pulled open, so some of these strokes find shadowy places.

Paris is released from the pole and bent over for her caning, as Jenifer remains spreadeagled, in the same camera frame. Paris has the better option to gaze at, but this is not a time to be particular. She takes just a few cane strokes and can’t stay still, so Peter shifts to a spanking bench and lays on another 35 strokes. Paris doesn’t mark up as fiercely as Jenifer did.

The officers have had their fun and can take the tape back to the squad room. We afre left to contemplate two striped bottoms.

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