Beating of Erica Delamare – SPANKINGONLINE

24 Aug

2M/f; year: 2004; time: 25 minutes

This seems to be in association with MOONGLOW/SPANKINGART,  listed in their old catalogue, brief and to the point. Nice geezer ageplay–an older guy, Tom Cooper,  plays ‘Uncle Malcolm’  and has quite a hold on his niece Erica (Leia Ann Woods). She is a young brunette, realistically presented in normal makeup and clothes. She has pinched her uncle’s vodka and climbed into a window to come home at 3 AM. She stands before him in shorty pajamas to hear the sentence: “You know what is going to happen to you. You are going to be severely spanked.”

Erica is taken OTK on the couch and uncle takes her white panties down immediately for a slow moderate handspanking, closeups of her femininity. She then stands cornered, hands on head–short pj’s really help here because they ride up. Because she has been complaining, “Go to the toilet and come back with the chair and the strap.”

She kneels on a chair, bending over the back in high-style CP posing, very sexy, to receive a doubled leather strap,reasonably hard, with inserted slow-motion sequences. Low camera angles up her legs from the floor just improve more. Careful closeups, ultimately revealing. She removes the chair and returns with the cane. She bends over, legs locked, and is one of those actresses who can put her palms flat on the floor, which does marvelous things to the buttocks. Excellent camera angles for 30  strokes shown, with repeats–the strokes come in bunches, and she twtiches her hairless self erotically.

In a new scene, poor Erica is going to get a dose from another man, for reasons we could not detect. We’ve seen above she can be a naughty wench. Maybe Malcolm called over a friend. She kneels on her bed, no panties, in just garter belt and stockings and an open blouse and no bra, definitely a costume for entertaining guests.

Right to the cane, 7 strokes, and the male spanker keeps encouraging her legs “wider.” She moves to hold onto the brass headboard, knees wide, one of our favorite on-the-bed postures, well admired by classic British CP producers. About 15 more strokes, extensive slo-mo replays.

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