Caned with Honors – CALSTAR

24 Aug

MF/2f; year: 1998; time: 30 minutes

A simple productive premise–tutors use the cane to motivate their students. “Miss Brown,” a cunningly cute ingenue long blonde-haired schoolgirl played by the actress ‘Serena Spencer,’   not to be confused with formidable Domme from other videos and production companies, is confronted for poor schoolwork. She needs to buckle down and stop galavanting about. “But I have to go out..I get so horny.” The attractive tutor/schoolmarm picks up on this for sure, and suggests that time-honored alternate solution. “Discipline?” Brown portrays innocent shock at the thought, but is convinced to go OTK, skirt up, for a handspanking on her white panties. The schoolmarm is impatient, so the pants are quickly tugged down. “Ooh.” Brown fidgets delightfully and the camera capitalizes on glimpses she gives us. When the schoolmarm is finished with this handspanking phase, Brown is made to stand and face us, just for the view, confirming she is a tawny natural blonde.

Brown is ordered to take her clothes off, and it is delightful to watch. This nifty little blonde does a marvelous job of conveying the embarrassment of what it must be like to strip naked in a school office. We’ve seen her before, in ‘English Compromise’ and ‘Thou Shalt Not Forgive,’ where in both she is similarly convincing in her distress when her big moments come.  Here in the office, she is now paddled over two different desks. Great camera work for a beautiful bottom. She is starting to get desperate; “I’ll stop playing with myself, really.” She beseeches us in the camera as if to say–“You believe me, don’t you?” We’re certainly not convinced. More paddling, with a stiff spanker, nice firm cracks, Brown cries out and asks to rub. “OK to rub, but only your backside.”

In another part of the office, looks like another student to going to face the music. A more mature brunette is being hocked for her bad studies–three years wasted! “Oh, please, sir!” The male tutor, our sort of guy, allows as how there is an old univeristy tradition for special cases–it is corporal punishment. “What will this involve, sir?”

But of course she knows. OTK  she goes for a handspanking. Then she takes off her skirt–what saucy little panties. After more of the hand, she takes down her panties herself. When the tutor swtiches to the stiff leather spanker, she is surprised and frightened. He’s gotten her bottom high on his lap and the camera does a wonderful job, as did the casting department. She is forced to finish undressing–“But why?” – for some light tawsing on the couch, but it acclerates.

Back to the other spanking in progrsss, our bare Barbie, Miss Brown, is getting the full treatment today. She is naked over a desk, in the diaper position, legs waving in the air, taking a dose of the stiff slapper, struggling to stay in place. Whatever you wanted to know about Miss Brown, it is on view in this scene. We admire that little bowlegged gap. Next, she must kneel on a chair, bottom absolutely shining in perfect position for the tawse, and giving the lady tutor the chance for a  feel she has been looking for.

“Now the final stage.” Brown is over the desk for about 20 snappy wrist strokes of the cane, some repeats; we watch from her rear and also her unhappy face. At the conclusion she stands to take four marvelous strokes with hands on head. Closeup of welts and marks and lots of twirling and hopping around naked and unhappy. Delightful acting. She knows exactly why she was hired.


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