Katie Sold For Sex – NU WEST NWV-281

28 Aug

2F/f; time: 28 minutes

Little  blonde model ‘Katie’ performed the full range of Ed Lee fetishes; she plays Top and Bottom and has been sweetly spanked, paddled, whipped, birched, strapped, fucked,  buggered, soaped, shaved, she gives spirited blowjobs, and, if we keep searching, probably more adventures. Imagine her night job. A favorite of ours here, we finally add screenshots. We go heavy on a jewel.

This episode creates the environment where Katie is offered to a female ‘client,’  played by ‘Dana Specht,’  who presumably has paid a fee to torment Katie, to be filmed. In the blue studio, a female NU-WEST staffer ‘Vanna’ delivers Katie to the woman. Katie, appropriately indignant at this affront but reluctantly compliant, presents herself. She wears a long summery gown, blond hair up in a ponytail, and ingenue makeup.

After a twirl, the client asks Vanna  to begin undressing her. The dress is unlaced and pulled over her head. After some probing, Katie hands over her bra. These preparatory scenes play a large role in developing our erotic interest in NU-WEST  plots, and this one may be our favorite. The client checks her breasts, body, and posture, very much like a slave auction (could have been)  in an old Erroll Flynn movie.



“Take your clothes off, your pantyhose  off…touch your toes.” Vanna helps. Katie wears just little white panties, and for us, we can’t think of another actress who does it better, just standing there. Dana pulls the panties down, slowly, bottom full-screen, then twirls her for a mohawk inspection from us.  The woman probes here and there and makes Katie prance and bend, naked. The film is very much a celebration of Katie’s tight and natural figure.

Vanna is instructed to help her on with black stockings and heels. More parading–many aficionados regard this stocking touch as better than total nudity. “I am going to whip you until you learn to obey me.”  Apparently this ‘sale’ is not consummated until Katie passes this test.

A new scene–Katie is strung up to the ceiling. Dana is in her fighting clothes, a bustier, thong, stockings, and heels, young enough here to be quite svelte. We write this 25 years later.  Dana is still out there flogging young bottoms. In a long scene, she whips Katie front and back with a martinet, stopping for fondles.

Another scene–Katie is strapped face down over the sloped NUWEST horse. The woman flogs her bottom and plays with a peeking pussy in a sequence which is mostly talk.

Scene–Dana  lies on her back, wearing a dildo. Katie sits astride, impaled, riding up and down. Camera shots from both sides verify the authenticity. Katie looks just slightly uncomfortable, but we certainly were not. This is a huge dildo, we applaud Katie. The scene had to be set up, and this dildo is no easy assignment.

In the last scene, Katie is on her knees, being fucked doggie-style by Dana and her dildo. In a quick segue, they assume the missionary position, and this time it looks like Katie will be getting her rocks off. Some jolly rogering.

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