Sorority Spanking – CALSTAR

28 Aug

F/2f; year: 2007; time: 54 minutes

An American BJ Frazier film, featuring ‘Miss Gemini.’ We generally struggle through these films. For some reason, this producer doesn’t seem to have paid much attention to the cleverness coming from Eastern Europe, Great Britain, and even some American companies.

Two nervous ‘sorority girls’ report to Miss Gemini for interview. She explains she is the boss and it would appear a spanking is part of the hazing. The first girl, a tall, jet-black brunette remains in the room, strips to bra and panties and receives an ineffectual handspanking kneeling on a settee. Some tawsing, a soft strap, mild cane snaps–nothing to hold your attention. Maybe the purpose of all this–Gemini pulls up her own skirt and kisses her ass.

The second aspirant is called in, strips to undies, and receives the same spankings. However, this girl removes her bra and panties, presenting a powerful body, and her diaper posture on the settee provides the best scenery in this otherwise dreary oeuvre.

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