Cheaters – XEROTICS

29 Aug

M/2f (3 parts); time: 36 minutes

American actress Niki Flynn shows us her stuff again in this first 17-minute part of the film, 3 segments about naughty girls cheating. Redheaded ‘O’Connor’ and’Flynn’ sit in an authentically arranged antique classroom. Niki wears her hair shortish and red-tinged here, a style sort of created on-set in Lupus’ ‘Crime and Punishment’ circa 2004.

The male teacher catches them exchanging answers. “I’m going to thrash you!” Niki stands at her desk, skirt up, full white panties. Three cane strokes on her knickers, then she pulls them down–3 more. There’s that big bruise, what film? Ice skating somewhere? Lovely shot of her panties puddled at her feet.

She kneels on a school desk seat, leans on the desk, and sticks her legs out the chair opening, a dramatic use for a school desk. Half-dozen more.

Fair-skinned O’Connor next. She kneels on a chair; the camera is blocked when her pants come down. 10 cane strokes, big squeals, a cunning little cat tattoo on her right buttock. The girls must work at the blackboard without pants, one of our favorite schoolgirl depictions.

When Niki attempts to retrieve her knickers on the way to her seat, she earns another 10 with the cane. White marks on her celebrated tush. The girls sit bpre tush and will retake the exam.

The second 11 minute segment depicts two lesbians in a quarrel, which degenerates into a spanking, a lot of yelling, and finally, fondling. Nothing of note here.

The third 8 minute section may contain one of Rosaleen Young’s many brief performances. She’s got a man’s shirt on, from her girlfriend’s boyfriend, suggesting maybe a little hanky-panky. The girlfriend wrestles Rosaleen OTK–her bottom is already a little red (a busy filming day?). Rosaleen issues forth a marvelous teen-aged “Oh, my God,” when she spies the strap her friend has. She takes a cute spanking, rocking her bare bottom as if she were in heat, the coy acting which made her so popular in her short career.

At the conclusion, she coughs up the man-shirt to display her girlish little breasts to go along with those feminine hips.

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