Crime and Punishment – LUPUS RIGID EAST

29 Aug

M/4f; year: 2004; time: 60 minutes

This film merits extra attention because it was the first performance by American actress Niki Flynn with LUPUS, part of a little tour she made through the spanking capitals of the world. The story itself we’ll give brief attention to.

An American photographer gradually coaxes a female model to get naked during a session so he can add to his nudie library. Police barge in, there is a Keystone Cops shoot-out and both the photographer and the naked girl are killed. They find the contraband printed nude photo album, rather pornographic.

The police detect some photos of girls from a local girls’ school. The inspector calls on the headmaster, none other than actor Pavel Stastny, on the set of the ‘Director/Headmaster’ series. He gets to keep the photo book overnight. Is there an inside accomplice at the school?

He recognizes photos and summons two students. The first girl, a blonde with a big Slavic body, is ordered to strip and recreate some of her poses he saw in the book. The second girl, a brunette, gets naked and assumes her postures. After the headmaster threatens to call the parents, the brunette confesses and gives up the name of the student procurer who helped the photographer.

At midnight, the headmaster receives a visit from a psychoanalyst identified as ‘Sigmund Freud,’ who explains the girls’ obessions. They have repressed sexual desires, seek attention from him, want to be punished. The headmaster perks up at this good news-his own fetish desires can be justified. First he will “get rid of” the organizing student.

Action begins in the next scene; three naked girls stand in front of him and reluctantly agree to forty strokes each with the cane. The first girl, a frosted blonde, is strapped to the frequently-seen caning bench and screams to the Deity through her forty. The second girl, a big blonde who almost overwhelms the bench itself, marks up harshly duirng her session. And the third girl, a pigtailed brunette with freckles, screams the loudest in a memorably erotic caning. The headmaster forgives the girls, probably assumng they got some release on the bench.

Now for Niki Flynn, the conspiring procurer of naked girls for her now-deceased photographer countryman. The whipped girls confront her, their bottoms are displayed, and Niki’s fate is sealed.  After failed denials, she accepts punishment. “Get naked, right now!” The girls help, and she is soon down to stockings and shoes. She has the nicest way of failed little attempts to cover her nakedness. She must drop her arms at this point and appears to speak some halting Czech on the soundtrack.

After a display of faux horror, she lies over the bench. Another suggestion of reporting to the police subdues her. She rises to select her choice of a cane from the headmaster’s wall display. A full five-minute caning ensues, witnessed by the girls. At the conclusion she kneels on the floor in shame, the headmaster gets his scissors, and proceeds to chop off her hair, to her screams and struggling. The three girls are only too happy to assist. This cutting looked real–in fact, in films made soon after with LUPUS, she does sport shorter hair, the only hair she sports is on her head.

When Niki gets her final scolding, standng there naked and helpless, her hair has been spiffed up and styled a bit. The headmaster keeps the nude photo album yet one more overnight–try as he might, he found no more photos of his girls, but surely enjoyed the book. 


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