My Barn, My Rules – NUWEST FCV-100

29 Aug

F/3f; time: 25 minutes

We return to  NUWEST’S metal horse stables, the scene of several films of attitude correction. Three nubile girls perform chores and accoust Ed Lee when he arrives in  his pickup. They didn’t sign on to muck stalls, they are equestriennes. Domme Deborah storms in and shows them the ‘My Barn, My Rules’  sign. She slaps a blonde’s face. “You take your shirt off. You’re going to get a whipping.”

The first blond girl takes off her shirt and bra; Ed  fastens her wrists by straps to two posts; she is centered and secured but will be able to dance. Ed will be the spectator in this film–we’ll watch to see if he puts his hands in his pockets. Deborah begins with a vigorous beating with what is probably referred to at NUWEST as the Australian dog whip. Some strokes are long or short and ring off the metal poles.

The whipping is filmed from the front, rear, and obliques–low and high. The blonde can’t help jiggling her huge boobs. The other two girls watch and wait. “I’m going to whip your ass too,” and Deborah pulls down the girl’s riding pants and panties in the same motion, completing the task we await eagerly in these barn whippings.

The second girl, a pageboy brunette, bigger but not as buxom, strips topless, is fastened, and takes her whipping , including the lowering of her jodphurs also.

The third girl, a blonde, must be either very excited or very nervous. Her long hair mixes with the whip a bit; this is the most colorful whipping, especially when Deborah pulls down those pants.

Not much dialogue or a defined conclusion, but three colorful and detailed punishments.



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