Eighth Commandment – LUPUS RIGID EAST

30 Aug

2M/2f; year: 2004; time: 54 minutes

A top-notch Lupus production, containing a sackful of CP fetish depictions: a priest in his collar, rectal thermometers, maybe the best enema scenes we have found (in a CP film), two rousing canings in the diaper position, and for good measure, two schoolgirl-types in teddy bear two-piece pajamas.

Two brunettes in British-style schoolgirl kit–red sweaters, plaid skirts, neckties, in a Catholic school. They undress for bed, in a slow and careful nudie scene, and put on bulky two-piece flannel teddy bear pajamas. The school ‘Father’ (actor Pavel Stastny) checks in on them. The girls sneak a chocolate bar from a coat.

Another male actor,  playing a ‘doctor,’ joins Father and they discuss something. No subtitles, but this is Lupus, so whatever they decide, it can’t be good news for the girls. The doctor puts on his white coat and gets his latex gloves ready. He prepares two rectal thermometers, while the Father smiles in anticipation. We compliment Lupus for using the larger, more old-fashioned model.

The girls are directed to lie on their stomachs on their individual beds. The doctor lowers the first girl’s pj bottoms and very slowly inserts the thermometer. Very well done. Same for the second girl; unhappy frowning facials, thanks to those thermometers.

The girls turn onto their backs. This cunning doctor, with the Father leering, has the girls expose their breasts for the sethoscope and pulls down their pj bottoms. One girl is nicely bald and the second has a thin mohawk. After some naughty probing, the men have a long discussion, and they seem to decide, ENEMAS!

The girls shrink in horror when they see the doctor unpack his hose and bag. The Father leaves and returns with a less portable old-fashioned canister and hose.

The procedure begins for the first girl. The Father steps in, and drags down her pj bottoms, glad to assist. She kneels up on her bed, hands and knees, bottom available. The doctor half-fills his enema bag, slowly lubes a black nozzle, and carefully screws it into her anus in closeup, having just enough difficulty to maximize the thrill. CLICK! After a short interval, the girl is helped off the bed and sent to the bathroom, carefully carrying her bag and hose.

The second brunette relectantly climbs into position, her pants are lowered. She had watched the misery of her roommate and doesn’t know she is getting the biggest black nozzle we’ve seen in the CP literature, its head about the size of a golf ball. We imagine the only reason for a nozzle this size is to further ruin this girl’s day.

After several hugely erotic attempts and more nozzle lube, our doctor lubes his finger and goes in to widen the route. We watch her squirm as the nozzle is finally screwed in and her sphincter accepts the intruder. CLICK.Soon she is sent to the toilet and is understndably frantic to get her friend to vacate.

Now the girls fall on their knees, in just pj tops, begging to be excused from the next phase. Hasn’t this been enough? But they are sent out, we watch their bare bottoms as they walk, to get the canes.

This is no longer a medical procedure. The Father takes command. The girls lie on their backs. The first girl assumes the diaper position and receives almost forty downright nasty cane strokes. She screams–the other girl covers her ears–you may choose to also.

Despite the second brunette’s desperate pleas, she assumes the position and receives her 40, screaming even louder. This posture accesses the thighs and the buttocks crease. Strokes on the less vulnerable, fleshier high buttock are less frequent and necessitate some careful aiming to avoid the spine.

At the conclusion, the girls hug and dress for school, carefully pulling their knickers over their wheals. No gym class today or for awhile.


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