Girls Boarding School #3

30 Aug

More from this bountiful website. In every episode, GBS probes the aspects of the anxious anticipation of painful punishment, and the torment and torture of having to hold uncomfortable positions for punitive reasons. The girls come to the school to serve short sentences of reform, and we’ve seen their pants are down on the first day or two.

‘Caning for Elin’ (M/f;  7 minutes): The brunette actress, new to the school.  Punishment does not seem to work. She bends over, legs wide; the master will cane her on her jeans; about 10 strokes, and she screeches.

Now she drops her pants, her bottom well-marked from the recent past. A  few cane strokes on her bare behind–the cameraman films from the floor–he has been watching European producers.

There are bonus scenes from other cameras for both the jeans-caning and the bare-bottom.

‘Cellar Room’ (M/f; 6 minutes): One of our favorites so far, because it deviates from the format. ‘Elin’  walks carefully down a paneled stairway to the cellar, stark naked. She has been sent here to be dealt with. She cowers on the concrete floor- a ticking clock on the soundtrack portrays the passage of time for her, then she calls up the stairs to the master, confessing that she used the school phone and that she is ready for her punishment.

The master comes down, and very quickly gives her a beating with a leather strap, some of which we see from outside through a window. Typical, her bottom has markings from another time. At the conclusion, she squats on a dusty floor in humiliation. The cellar is a place of totrure and humiliation. We’ll watch to see who else is sent there.

‘Homework Test, Molly’ (M/f; 11 minutes):  The tall Scandanaviain model ‘Molly,’ blond pigtails, flared feminine hips, skates on homework., fails a test, and will be spanked by one of the masters in the glassed room with the snowy outside landscape.

She drops her own panties for a handspanking, then must kneel erect on the chest in the cornrer, causing her little gymslip to ride up. Back over the desk, a ceiling-cam catches a rousing belting of her bareness. After an additional session with a double-tongue strap, into the corner and onto the box to wait it out.

‘Jodie, Our New Resident’ (M/f; 11 minutes): The headmaster is frustrated when ‘Jodie’ keeps ringing the intercom but can’t figure out how to get into the house. After a few attempts, he drags her in himself. An angry Head means trouble at this place. Jodie is a small, demure, shy Asian, here wearing a simple brown sweater and slacks.

He demands her full name and where she came from. She remains mute, so over his lap she goes. A standard handspanking, then “Get off your trousers,” yes–that quote is correct. He spanks on her black knickers; she puts up the traditional little struggle when he tugs them down.

She is cornered, then ordered to face us, and forced to remove her hands from covering herself. Simple presentation, but excellent humiliation.

‘Jodie’s First Caning’ (M/f; 9 minutes): Asian Jodie still won’t give up her full name or her place of origin, so the master will escalate the interrogation with the cane. She drops her gray slacks, pulls down white panties, and puts her hands on a chair. Her bottom shows faint redness. We’ll go with the theater that a girl gets spanked very often at this school.

The master lays on 20 moderate strokes. Jodie twitches delightfully  when the master’s cane touches her bare skin between strokes. She is left for the GBS contemplation period, checks her bottom for damage, and sits very carefully on the chair.

‘Just the Belt’ (M/f; 6 inutes): ‘Katherine,’ more buxom than usual for GBS, naked taking a shower in a large open stall, the best for such filming. The master bursts in–he has  found her speeding tickets in his car. “I want to see you on the bed, naked, in two minutes.”

Katherine walks with fearful trepidation, covered by a bath towel, to her bed. She screws up her courage and lies face down, on the towel. Another bottom which has seen some action recently.

The master enters, and without much fanfare, removes his belt and gives her an effective whipping. He helps her into the diaper position, holds her legs, and slashes her buttocks and thighs with the belt, immediate tears, and for good reason. She is left to check her bottom, which has had quite a day.

”Three Little Lies’ (M/f; 8 minutes): Two masters at GBS call in ‘Linda,’ a pretty blonde perpetual liar. It’s to the be the “hairbrush, ruler, tawse…fully nude!” She was expecting a spanking, but not naked! She is urged, quite bare, into the punishment room, where a low black curved chair awaits, its purpose clear. She is draped on it, black cloth accent her pink body.

The ruler, then the hairbrush, hard and firm with no preliminaries or diversion, as always for GBS. No dialogue; sweet natural young body. She concludes, curled whimpering in fetal position, the camera circling.

’24 Strokes In the Lunge Position’ (M/f; time: 14 minutes): One of the longer GBS  segments, mostly naked humiliation, some corporal punishment. An aubur/brunette American girl kneels erect, in a shorty top and bare bottom, on a very uncomfortable rattan stool. This pose alone would form a tableau satisfactory to many.

The GBS master is her tormentor, and gets her to admit she masturbated Sundays while bored in the church pew and she explains in some detail her method.

She is taken to an adjoining room, permitting a glimpse of her carefully tended mohawk. She strips off her top and is “fully nude,” nifty, cute, trim, and supple. Onto  the floor, the master directs her into the “lunge ” position. “Making a bridge,” it was called in our day in our part of the world. Not nice, bottom high, not a speck of dignity, and everything hanging out. We are in an empty well-lit industrial room. Voices and footsteps echo.

The master removes his black leather belt, and lays on 24 strokes, which she counts down the ringing cracks of the belt backwards, with increasing difficulty. Perfect lighting, sound, closeups as she recovers between strokes. This position is used as mild torture in initiation and hazing ceremonies. She must remain, bottom blazing, for an hour. The camera holds her nudity full-screen for the last few minutes of the film.

‘Voluntary Spankings’ (M/f; 12 minutes): Tall brunette ‘Christine’ interrupts the master’s TV time; she wants to be spanked to purify herself; “I think I need one.” She drops her slacks to display pink shorts and selects the couch arm for her position. Oh well, he’ll stop with the TV and do a bit of spanking.

“Harder “and “faster,” she asks; the pink shorts remain, but her lower buttocks and thighs show the master knows what he is doing. “That’s enough,”  and she leaves.

‘Water Resources’ (M/f; 12 minutes): Blonde Linda gets into the most trouble we have seen so far. The master puts her to bed in her underwear after a brief OTK spanking on her white panties, with a warning that the cane comes next. The ‘Next Morning’ she oversleeps and rushes off to school, leaving the bathroom water running.

‘That Afternnoon’  the master shows her a $300 repair bill. She must take off her “trousers,” bend over a chair naked, and wait in that position, part of the standard erotic foreplay. More than usual frontal glimpses as she positions.

The master trurns. Six cane strokes are shown as she kneels, but another position must have seemed better, because we FADE to the fantastic hands-on-ankles posture, for 15 more crisp and tingling strokes. She is going to get THREE punishments for this $300, the next tomorrow. Some rubbing and intimate views back in bed.

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