More Hard Labor Whipping – NUWEST FCV-107

30 Aug

M/f; year: 2008; time: 23 minutes

Producer Ed Lee made a series of films on this site; or ones like it, identified as ‘Table Mountain,’ not much more than piles of gravel on some windy promontory. In this film, Lee will test your credulity; he can’t be serious in his portrayal. However, with that Navy-cat in his hand, he gains our confidence.

He plays a county sheriff; female prisoners are brought here is perform hard labor and generally get a whipping for almost anything. A blonde,  actress ‘Katie,’ one of our favorites from the NUWEST cast. It looks like her when her clothes come off and it sounds like her when she cusses the ‘sheriff,’  and we believe we recognize her squeaks.

She is working in blouse, skirt, and high heels, as if she were on lunch hour. She shovels gravel into a wheel barrow and relocates it. “We ain’t got no money in this county for clothes, so git to work!”

Well into the film, after we’ve fully grasped the concepts of shovels, gravel, and wheel barrows, Katie has had enough, and demands her lawyer “right now!”

There is no way to talk to Sheriff Lee, who slashes her over her clothes with his whip. She quits, and he chases her inside, into a large theatrically-lit room where obviously the action we all expect is intended to happen. This studio set solves the lighting, glare, sound, and wind problems all the Table Mountain films had.

Lee orders Katie to take her clothes off, which she does without argument. She is strung up naked, on tiptoe. Certainly looks like Katie. He whips her back and bottom. She shouts complaints, like “you reneck asshole.” Very attractive rear full closeups, especially from a low angle.

After a bit, she caves and promises to “work hard.” Just to make sure, Lee does something probably not in the County Corrections Manual. He makes Katie spread her legs and flicks his whip vertically between. Even this experienced actress is a bit unsettled by this.

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