Prison Canings Volume 1 – MISS MARCHMONT

31 Aug

2M/3f; time: 50 minutes

This film is mentioned in places as one of the most severe in the genre (at least at the time). It certainly makes the playoffs for us; the harshness of the punishments, a departure for MISSMARCHMONT and a nod to the Eastern European influence, it is greatly enhanced by the detailed sets and costumes. The canings occur in a barren room, and the long prison corridor with cell doors visible adds immeasurably.

Two male Marchmont regulars–one is Karl Strong, in realisitc military uniforms, drag the first girl in for some attention. This prison apparently practices a ‘welcoming’ procedure. ‘Carol Johnson,’ a chunky punky girl with highlighted blond hair and nose jewelry, looks  ripe for a little straightening out.

The guard helps her off with her bonds–wrists handcuffed to a waist chain and ankles manacled–the complicated restraints add significantly to the erotic anticipation. The guards then assist Johnson in removing all her clothes. Hands-on-head, shaved clean, shoes off, legs spread. Strong puts on rubber gloves and inspects cavities–Johnson grabs her ankles but we don’t see the anal part. Johnson is given prison dungarees but “no knickers,” because she won’t be needing them. Chains on, she is marched down the corridor. Wonderful intimidating preparation.

The next prisoner, blond Catherine Mitchell, wearing eye shadow which makes her look tired, miserable, and very frightened, is brought in, released from her msnacles,stripped naked, and given the one-two with rubber gloves. Strong is a bit more aggressive with his hands this time. “How tough are you, girl?….I’ll make you scream.”

When Mitchell offers some way to lessen her punishment, guard #2 directs her to drop to her knees. We don’t see what she is doing, but she will pay later. She s dressed and dragged off.

Time for the Welcoming. Johnson is dragged in, stripped of her jean pants–she has no knickers. She is strapped to a wide-based, large stool, thighs spread and fastened, ankles strapped, head down, wrists tied to a low rung–sexy rough bondage. Strong takes up the cane, a large thick affair, makes his measurements, and lays on 15 wicked strokes, plus “one more for me.” Marks ripen as we watch. The second stroke may have broken skin, as did others. Guard #2 holds her face to the camera by her hair. “Please stop,” she whimpers. “Now you know why you didn’t need knickers.”  At the conclusion, she is taken to her cell, without pants and manacled. Rough stuff.

Mitchell is brought in and takes a very frightened look at the stool. The guard who apparently didn’t like his blowjob: “I’m going to enjoy every crack.” Mitchell is strapped to the stool. Her white panties are ripped off and stuffed in her mouth. Very good. A  similar 15 rousing strokes, the assisting guard yanks her face up by her blond hair and forces her to maintain eye contact. Wicked. And he demands a weak little “Thank you, sir.” (She has spit out her panties.) At the conclusion Mitchell looks very thoroughly subjugated. We watch her striped bottom led down the corridor.

As if we haven’t seen enough, there is more. Blond ‘Davis,’ an existing prisoner in uniform, has been having lesbian sex. “I sentence you to the birch.” She knows. “Oh, no, no…sir, not the birch.”

Chains off, she is ordered to strip down–shoes, socks, jeans, no panties. Fastened to the stool. The guard swishes the birch bundle. A word about the package–a fearsome collection of about 8 thick, stiff sticks, like 8 canes, three feet long. A swipe would be like 8 cane strokes covering most of both cheeks. 8 separate swipes were taken. She is stunned after the first and each thereafter. Things get quiet and desperate.

An ad lib “Shit!” from the actress elicits even more humorous response. Guard: “What?”  “Shit…sir,” she repeats. Davis is contrite and begging soon enough. She is released, re-fastened with her chains, and taken to Solitary without pants. It is one of the  guards’ turn to join her there, generating an alarmed glance from Davis. Very LUPUS.

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