Strung Up and Whipped – NU WEST

31 Aug

M/3f; time: 25 minutes

Producer Ed Lee moves to whipping and flagellation later in his adult film career, surely to juice his own pleasure, but also to compete with the complex and harsh stuff coming out of Europe.

We’re in the bare blue studio, looking down on a startling and fascinating sight. Lee has three lovelies, absolutely naked, captured. He patrols with a whip. Two tall and well-stacked blondes, almost mirror images of each other, are fastened face-to-face, nipple to nipple, and strung up on the same spreader bar.

Off to the side, a powerful nude brunette is fastened to a tripod frame which takes some doing to describe. She is bent at the waist, her arms pulled forward, wrists fastened to handles, head down. Her pelvis rests against a pad, which positions and holds her bottom stationary. Her legs are spread and her ankles fastened, knees locked.

Ed will be meandering with his whip. The brunette must move her head from side to side to see where he is in the room, whereas the blondes can shuffle their feet and keep him in sight. This is important, because Ed is going to maneuver among the girls, cracking whichever bottom fancies him.

There will be on dialogue, just gasps and cries. Ed walks around the room, concentrating on one bottom or another. The blondes shuffle their bare feet in discomfort; the brunette moans when she is the object of Ed’s attention, rocking the wood frame under the whip. Sometimes Ed stays on one tush for four or five strokes at a time, and at one point, “25 each.”

The blondes are fun, because we can see all of them, front and back. Ed nudges them closer so that their boobs touch. He also rotates the spreader bar so the alternate girl has her back to us. The blondes take their medicine and don’t twist away from the whip, which would put the other girl’s tush in line.

There is one spot in the room where Ed can zap one blond buttock with a forehand and the brunette with a backhand. This sets both girls to crying out when he does one of his patented flurries.

And lastly, he mixed in another specialty, the faux strokes, which makes all the bottoms jump.



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