The Kidnapping of the Butcher’s Daughter – LUPUS RIGID EAST

31 Aug

2M/3f; time: 44 minutes

An actual plot here, several scene changes, furniture and costumes to simulate the 1920’s, and enough females in the cast that there should be good action. A young couple fakes the girl’s kidnapping (‘Magdelena’) to extract ransom from her father, the butcher.

At Magdelena’s school the headmaster and his assistant ‘Otylie,’ (the ubiquitous Alexandra Wolf), suspect the kidnapping was an inside job. The school,close to financial ruin,can’t afford the bad publicity, so they will ask the caretaker/gardener ‘Klapka’ (actor Pavel Stastny) to investigste for them, “question” two students. Whenever Pavel appears, we know some young lady will be dancing on her bare feet.

Klapka is visibly excited by this assignment. “Do you mean dust their backsides?” A knowing smile from Otylie, “Be discreet,” she suggests.

Two pretty young brunettes stroll in the woods, in full schoolgirl kit reflective of Lupus’ attention to theatrical detail–high-end blazers, blouses, neckties, skirts, knee socks. They have colluded with Magdelena to rig the kidnapping and suspect trouble brews. They swear to keep counsel. So the stage is set for a struggle between their will and Klapka’s diligence.

The girls, Miss’ Hanuskova and Brzicka, are ushered in to confront the headmaster, Otylie, and Klapka in Klapka’s carefully fitted out work shed, another example of Lupus’ care for detail. Miss Brzicka, a slight, dark, striking brunette, will  be questioned first, Hanuskova sent outside. She denies any knowledge. Klapka threatens with a cane, she will be made to undress. Otylie helps her off with her slip and white garter belt/corset, a sexy garment on such a slight and charming body.

Naked except for stockings, Klapka will cane her in a standing position in front of the Head and Otylie until she has something to say. She screams from the first. Finally, “Bend over,” demands Klapka, so he can incease the ferocity. She gives in, confesses the fraud. Outside, Hanuskova hears the capitulation and covers her face in fear and shame. She is summoned next.

Now the question is where the fraudulent couple hides. When Hanuskova denies she knows, they move to undress her so Klapka can begin the persuasion. After a tussle, “No, I’ll do it myself.” The group enjoys watching her strip naked. It appears that neither she nor Brzicka wore panties under their girdles or bras under their slips. Another charming adolescent figure and no body hair.

Hands-on-head, she too gets the caning in a standing position. The stripes ripen faster. Hands-on-knees, hands-on-table, she flails her arms in a gesture of pain we occasionally see for vigorous punishment. She will get the couple’s secret address from her room.

FADE to the hideout: the couple cavort in bed, while back at the school the Head and Otylie convince the butcher to settle this privately to save the school The butcher wants to make blood sausage out of his daughter’s paramour, and he will send Magdelena back to school as soon as she “recovers” from what he has planned for her. We have said that in Lupus films you can usually predict how many spankings there will be.

Soon the butcher bursts in on his daughter, shows her letters on what a scumbag this Lexa guy is–he had a lot of girlfriends and scams going. Now he will use his belt on her; she drops her pantaloons, raises her robe, kneels over the bed and is whipped. Robe off, she is naked; his wild strokes create irregular mottled patterns, all belt-shape. The film ends as the colors on her bottom suggest a new recipe for blood suasage he might try.

If we were consulting on the script, we would have suggested she next be taken for a visit to Klapka in his workshop.

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