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28 Sep

M/3f; time: 1:10

A rather long and not so elevating interpretation of the routine schoolgirl discipline theme. Where is ‘Miss Brown’  when we need her? Two girls face the headmaster on a decorated set we’ve seen many times, actress ‘Monica’ and another blonde. The Head makes the girls raise their skirts and drop their panties, for a few views of their charms.

He spanks Monica first, handspanking over his knee, resting up on a chair seat, then a paddle, several straps, and 6 strokes of a cane while she grabs her ankles. He likes his girls, works her thighs, and makes sure there is nothing about Monica we don’t see. She is released.

As he is spanking the blonde, a third girl, a long-haired blonde who is identified as the Head Girl, is brought in by another male teacher. She is telling lies. “Lift up your gymslips.” Cute white non-regulation knickers soon down. The Head smacks her thighs with straps, then OTK, very intrusive stuff but not harsh.

The Head turns his attention to the first two girls with various spankings not worth detailing. Well into the film, the Head will now cane these two girls. Both bend over the desk, and he will alternate sets on their bare bottoms. About 30 strokes in total each, slashed forehand and backhand.

And finally, that other male, who is the “deputy head,” brings in two birch bundles. “But…but..sir, we’ve just been caned.” The birches are manufactured wrapped bundles. The two men birch the girls, about 50 strokes each, to a chorus of steady moaning and crying.

Spanking Tails 1 – BandD PLEASURES

28 Sep

M/f; year: 1993; time: 1:06

There is a series of ‘Spanking Tails,’ collections of short spanking vignettes, with some light bondage mixed in. We focussed on this one because two of the segments feature Tanya Foxx, made in the early 1990’s.

#1 Cute redhead actress ‘Tina,’ having mishandled a thoroughbred horse on a farm where she works, gets a spanking in a faux straw-covered barn room. She wears cutoff jeans and bustier. The master of the farm handspanks her over a straight chair which happens to be in the barn, then removes her shorts for a fast moderate caning on her bare bottom, only a G-string showing. Tina is a seducive wiggler and poseur, with a large and provocative filmgraphy extant. This was mild stuff–she can use her bottom tomorrow.

#2 Actresses Tanya Foxx and Angela Faith fight over a potential common boyfriend in their apartment. Actor Bill Huston arrives ; he has one extra ticket to a rock concert and will settle their bickering by taking the girl who accepts the hardest spanking. This will not be one of the better spanking competitions we would recommend, except for the callipygian showcase.

Ms. Foxx is in the short black pageboy period of a career. She wears a short white jersey dress and appears to be all-bottom. Ms. Faith, a flashy blonde with some CP credits, wears a shiny blue cocktail dress which should be worn only by those who do not expect to bend over.

Bill: “We’ll start with Tanya first.” Hands-on-table for mild handspanks on her dress. Same for Angela. The girls say they can take more. 10 more for each. The girls step into their bedroom and return with a huge armload of spanking implements.

Angela gets the crop–she hikes her dress up herself. Same for Tanya–up comes the white knit dress–white panties on that spectacular tush. After another round with the crop, Bill swtiches to a long strap. The girls are starting to squeal.

Bare bottom time–Bill pulls Tanya’s panties down and smacks both cheeks with two hands, then he uses the big ameba-shaped paddle, but gently. It could loosen a few teeth at full power. Faith is next; because she wears a G-string, there is nothng to pull down.

Side by side, Bill alternates. A bit corny, but glamorous. An oblique closeup is worth printing out. He snaps both bottoms with a buggy whip, the first time the girls cannot disguise a little bit of discomfort. Tanya has opened her legs and stretched her lace panties between her knees. She knows the CP film drill.

Some cane taps for Angela. Tanya has tossed off her knickers with elan and flashes her trimmed beaver when she takes her place on the table. Bill blindfolds her with a scarf. “Ooh,” she coos. You can see every freckle she has in a similar scene in ‘The Taming of Veronica Allen.’ After both are mildly caned, Angela seems to quit and Tanya leaves with Bill for the concert. Bill asks her to leave her panties behind. “Toodle-oo,” she taunts over her shoulder. We’d like to be around at the end of the evening.

#3 Tina plays a wife who earns a spanking because of sexy provocative clothing she wears. Tina’s bottom squirms OTK in tight flower-print panties. Bare-bottom, Tina must kiss a heavy double leather strap before she feels it on her buttocks and thighs.

#4 Another Tanya episode, this time where she portrays a slightly playful domme, a role found in her repertoire from this era. In one of those faux dungeons where the walls seem painted for a high school musical, actress Angela Faith reports in bra, panties, and heels. Tanya: “Don’t try to con your mistress…you agreed to this.” Angela is handspanked over a chair and questioned about her orgasms. Tanya is not pleased about Angela “cumming without me.”

A hard round paddle–buttocks and thighs. “Stick that bottom out for me.” Panties rolled down sexily, bra off, hairbrush OTK, both the bristles and the flat side, some nipple sucking. Tanya is catching up for whatever she missed. The bigger ameba paddle, fingernails rake Angela’s buttocks. They walk to a spanking bench….

“Panties down,” because Angela snuck them up. Naked, she lies lengthwise on a padded sawhorse-style bench. “Spread your legs.” Several paddles–a wooden fraternity paddle used is the hardest yet, bottom and thighs. Tanya is ambidextrous. Session concluded, Tanya gropes between her legs just because she can. Angela is directed to take a shower “then wait for me.”

Caning for Cash – CALSTAR

28 Sep

F/f; time: 60 minutes

Mostly junk, an American production. Two sleazy girls dicsuss an offer made by a bar hustler–the brunette can take $500 and make a spanking video. She is given a sample video and a collection of trial implements. [a phone rings off-set–our first warning]

The girls discuss kinky things and decide to try spanking each other. To release you to watch other films, we’ll condense the action.

The girls gradually undress and play with each other, experimenting with the paddle, crop, strap, and finally the cane in a variety of traditional CP positions. The brunette actress takes most of the spanking and shows us pretty much all there is to see, in some mildly lewd poses. We’re told her boyfriend is going to like her red bottom.

The caning is of the tap-tap-tap variety, entertaining in a male-female pre-coital context, but you will have a mildly primeval ache for more action at this point. The first hard stroke must have hurt, because we can actually hear the director say “Cut,” and when we resume, there is a vivd cane mark, possibly courtesy  of the makeup depatment.

We want to reward anyone willing to be spanked on-camera, but you don’t need this one.

Dark Room 1 & 2 – MOOD PICTURES

28 Sep

2F/3f; year: 2007; time: 37 minutes; 34 minutes

Mood Pictures occupies the darker side of the CP genre, harsh whippings rather than handspankings, heavy markings, occasionally intricate sets, showgirl-type actresses in repeat performances, beautiful and flawless production values, but a distinct absence of any sardonic self-deprecation. Some producers can find some humor in the presentation of a girl’s bare bottom to others.

We have left commentary on Mood mostly to others. This story, however, plumbs a distinct  voyeuristic fetish of ours–girls being presented for bare-bottom punishment for paying customers. We recall short stories in JANUS and BLUSHES on this, and found other erotic variations of aroused spectators, where slave girls circulate and service the rampant witnesses as they observe the punishments. George Harrison Marks made playful films of female volunteers being spanked in front of cheering nightclub audiences; there are the paying noblemen watching whippings in ‘Nell in Bridewell’ and bribing for bare skin; here, naked girls are strapped to a frame and whipped or caned before an observation  window in a darkened room.

A pretty brunette arranges with a police detective to be planted into Pennington Prison on a bogus sentence to trace her incarcerated sister. One look at this actress–‘Mallory King’ plays ‘Katie,’ and we’re on the edge of our chair.

A  scene opens on a dormitory-like room in the prison. Languid showgirl-type actresses, in prison smocks, chained to beds or seated. This is a holding room for girls who have been selected to be punished in front of VIP’s of the Elite Club. The girls await this horrible fate, from which some girls apparently don’t return.

A wardess enters and selects a tall blonde for the next performance. She is stripped naked, her hair and makeup perfected by the other girls, in “fifteen minutes.” Under the watchful eyes of the wardess, the girls oil her body, “everywhere,….open your legs.” A clear, clean, shaved white body. She is handcuffed and holds her arms over her head–sexy stuff. She is led off to the chamber.

In another scene, we see Katie, the new prisoner being presented to the wardess, who shares our admiration of her and sends her directly to the Elite Club’s holding room. “You will be seventh.”

Later, in the dorm, Katie is now in her shorty prison smock, which barely disguises her dynamic figure. The condemned girls explain what happpens. “They say you get caned in a dark room….and tortured in front of a crowd of people…some of them wear cassocks like monks.” Katie’s sister may have been here, but never returned from her trip to the dark room. The blonde is dragged back in, bloody and smeared from her session. Two of the prisoners jump the guards in anger, are subdued, and taken away. We will watch their punishment.

The first rebellious girl, stark naked, has been fastened to a platform which advances the art of punishment racks to new heights for us, challenging many demonic and creative devices by other producers. The victim stands erect, feet shackled 18″ apart, arms spread and strapped at ninety degree angles on a crucifix-like 2×4 bar, her muscular back and bottom well-lit and fully available. It is a huge structure with a wide base, too big even for a playroom at ShadowLane.

Two female guards will do the punishment, 100 strokes of the cane. The first guard lays on 50 fearsome strokes–the prisoner is soon screaming, gasping, and reflexively quivering–excellent oblique facials as we watch the full-swing slashes.

The top two feet of the half-H frame rack is hinged. When the hinges are sprung, the upper part of the rack swings over, bending the prisoner over with it from her standing posture and forcing her buttocks into an even more vulnerable prominence. Her neck is fastened with a strap to the bar so she will stay bent over. The second guard lays on about 50 more strokes.

The second naked prisoner, a redhead with tattoos and body jewelry, get the same, while the first girl is made to kneel erect, hands-on-wall, in the shadows. The redhead screams, “I can’t stand it…I can’t stand it.” The wardess urges on the guard, “Stronger…stronger.” The wardess herself finishes off the last 25, heavy on the thighs.

The two punished prisoners are taken back to the dorm and tended by the other girls. Katie has seen enough, becomes more concerned about her own behind than her sister’s and wants out.

In part 2, we see the first VIP show in the Dark Room. A naked redhead is fastened to the same frame. The rules are explained beforehand–it’s OK to scream. It might help. Don’t hold it in. The spectators are in shadow. “Fifty strokes of the cane.” The guards change every 10 strokes. You could charge real money to see this.

“Next Morning”: Katie gets to see the warden, explains her fraud, and wants to get out now. The wardess meets with a monk-character, who orchestrates the VIP viewings. The wardess warns these whippings are getting harder to conceal, as is the cover-up of the “executed” girls. But the wardess is ordered to push on–her past can be used against her.

There will be one more triumphant VIP session, 3 girls, to include Katie. A prison guard is sent to the police detective to retrieve Katie’s fake record, and she kills the detective, right in his office! Don’t agonize over the plot.

Evening comes, Dark Room time. Katie is fastened in place, stark naked, her hard little buxom body on full display. We regret Mood couldn’t have allocated 30 seconds to a scene of her removing her clothes and being taken to the rack. She gets the same hard caning–her breasts jiggle as she struggles in desperation. the guards turn her face so it can be seen by the spectators.

A second girl is caned. The guards also hold her head for us to see her face because she is not tall enough to have her neck strapped to the bar.

A third naked girl is fastened. 70 strokes, most on her back.

Caned Sales Girls – CALSTAR

28 Sep

M/2f; year: 2011; time: 52 minutes

This film is likely not recent, given the set furniture and the girls’ ‘hairstyles.’ Two ‘Avon’ girls make a house call with their samples. A tough-looking housewife lets them in, gets them water, then immediately begins a lengthy complaint about a terrible rash she developed from another company product from different salesgirls. She wants restitution, but the girls can’t do it. The lady calls her husband–and who walks in, none other than adult actor Jack Uppitt! The girls might not know how much trouble they are in, but happily, we do.

Jack explains, in his insidious, slightly smarmy way, “We can do this the easy way or the hard way…you’re not going until I have compensation of some sort.” The girls will be reported to the authorities, the cosmetics company will be sanctioned, and the girls will be fired. “But we have no cash.” Jack: “There are other ways.” Oh, yes, if you have seen his films.

Jack explains the therapeutic effects of a “jolly good spanking.” The girls are amazed but soon agree. Megan, a black girl, will go OTK first. Scarlet must kneel in close and watch. Skirt up, Megan wears zebra-striped knickers. Uppitt likes to tease and torment his young prey. Scarlet is spanked on her dark knickers next.

Megan returns OTK and gasps when Jack tugs her knickers down. Scarlet looks at the camera. She is soon bare-bottom OTK. Jack informs the girls they must return “every week” until he is satisfied.

Matters escalate. To Megan: “Take off your skirt.” “Please, sir, I’m really scared.” Hands-on-couch., “legs apart,” as he orders all spankees, shirt rucked up, no bra, Jack slashes full swing forehand-backhand with the familiar oval paddle, loud and poignant. His wife surely hears the ruckus.

Both girls bend together, flashing fuzzy frontals. Jack alternates bottoms. “This is the way it will be for a while….next time you come you will call me’ sir.’ Jack gets his cane. Scarlet is caned first, 6 strokes. She breaks a few times. “Oh, my God!” “You’re finished until next Tuesday at 2 PM.”

Megan gets more lecturing before her caning. A lot a preparatory swooshing. “Oh, God, oh, God.” She takes much more, 15 strokes. The actress Scarlet checks the camera during the caning to see if the director is happy with the intensity.

The girls are released and dress to go, acting more stiff and sore than most actresses do in such concluding scenes.

Mood Castings #2 – MOOD PRODUCTIONS

28 Sep

More spanking auditions from this high-voltage company.

‘Andrea Hoffman’ (F/f; 12 minutes): An attractive 26 year-old brunette, with two children, goes through the normal interview about her sex life, learns about the caning audition, and strips off her clothes. Grey top, no bra, little skirt off, thong whisked down.

She kneels up on a white sectional couch and the caning begins. A thin, small body, not a lot of bottom on which to distribute the intended 50 strokes. She begins a colorful moaning from the beginning. The caner takes her time and asks several times if she wants to quit. Try as she might, she does give up at 35 strokes.

‘Angela Rick’ (F/f; 11 minutes): An older, more experienced-looking blonde with tattoos. It should be said that experience doesn’t always help when the action starts on the couch.

She pulls off her dress, drops her thong. and doesn’t hesitate to climb onto a chair, knees wide, full charms on display. A slow 50 strokes, great facials, some wild ones on her thighs. From the look of her bottom, she won’t be working for a while.

‘Anie Lawton’ (F/f; 10 minutes): A glamorous, almost spectacularly beautiful 25 year-old brunette, being interviewed by ‘Betty.’

After they discuss her personal life and that this is to be a caning audition to assess pain tolerance, Anie takes off her clothes and kneels on the couch. Betty lays on about 50 strokes in a steady rhythm, giving Anie an occasional moment to compose. Welts, bruises, blood flecks, and maybe some help from the makeup department, but she got through it.

‘Aranka’ (F/f; 8 minutes): Mood staffer Sonja interviews 20 year-old Aranka, a petite brunette in jeans and T-shirt. After the conventional discussion about her sex life, and that here at Mood the films are all about severe corporal punishment, it is time for Aranka to take her clothes off to show her body.

Jeans and T-shirt off, no bra, thong slipped down, Sonja has to urge her to speed up a bit. Aranka kneels completely naked on the set couch, knees apart. Sonja is a wicked caner–after 38 strokes, which produce purple and white welts and bruises, they shift off the couch to the bend-over touch-toes posture for about 15 strokes, with a brief rest period.

Diminuative Aranka survives the audition, a brave girl with a small bottom to accept 50 cane strokes.

‘Bella Strong’ (F/f; 12 minutes): 25 year-olds Bella is from Budapest, and is a bit butch on the screen, short brunette hair and tattoos. An unusually long discussion about her sexual exploits; she strips to display a solid biker-girl body.

The caning begins, Bella kneels on a couch, pussy rings in evidence. The caner breaks her cane at 14; Bella keeps asking for breaks. This is not a session which will end when a class bell rings. Bell surrenders at 27;  huge welts.

‘Bridget’ (F/f; 12 minutes): A tall frosted blonde, in a shorft flower-print dress, plenty of cleavage, plenty of body, goes through her interview. She claims some adult film-making, not hard to imagine from where we sit, including some ‘auditions ‘ like this one.

Clothes off, a bubble-butt, large boobs, rock thighs and legs, and one of those S-curve postures usually associated with the photogenic attributes of big porches and butts. Naked, hands on a stool, the caning begins. At a break after 10 strokes, the marks look excessively angry; at 20 the bruising is severe. At 34 she quits, apologizing that despite her experience, she couldn’t finish.

‘Gina Montana’ (F/f; 13 minutes):  An average-looking 26 year-old bartender. She admits to light S&M with her boyfriend. Dress over her head–she is not wearing another stitch.

She kneels on her chair, spreads her knees, and guts through the entire 50 strokes. Big marks and bruises at 20; the slight air of frivolity disappears. She bears through. Despite editing jumps, we thought we observed 50 strokes.

‘Gina Williams’ (F’/f; 12 minutes): Kyra interviews a thin brunette, in yellow top and jeans. When she is asked to undress, she does so sitting down, and odd variant to the usual semi-striptease that is part of the act in this series. When she kneels on the cahir, we see we were deprived of  some real entertainment in her slim, white, curvy body.

She will take her 50, but she talks a lot to Kyra, asking her to slow down, not my thighs, more to the right, more to the left, etc. At the conclusion, she struggles, quivers, and tries to keep back the tears. Marks all over the place, because Kyra canes wildly and hard.

‘Minacco’ (F/f; 10 minutes): A very sexy nineteen year-old tall redhead has a good, erotic talk with Kyra. She looks adventurous.

Time for her clothes to come off–top off, no bra, trousers, thong off. There is a sexy delay while she struggles to unfasten her shoe straps. She kneels naked on a chair, a pale, clear bottom.

She too does not take well to the cane. After only five strokes she argues with Kyra to be able to take a break. (There are no caning breaks in Mood films, other than editing.) She only takes 20 strokes before she quits, uttering “This is worse than surgery.”

‘Suzie’ (F/f; 10 minutes): Kyra from Mood will put 24 year-old redhead Suzie through the drill. They enact a little prearranged scenario, Suzi is a naughty cousin. She takes off her clothes and kneels naked on a bed. She takes 23 strokes in this position–the marks seem a bit enhanced to us.

It is not going well and she needs a rest. She rolls into the diaper position and takes only 12 more before she quits, dresses, and leaves.

‘Tina Bergen’ (F/f; 11 minutes): Kyra interviews a pretty 23 year-old blonde, who works as an aupair. She seeks adventure and money. After the standard chat and explanation, she undresses–black top and pants, black boots, black bra and thong, all soon in a pile.

Tina kneels on the couch and has difficulty with the cane from the first stroke. Kyra must cane in small groups and give Tina a rest–after 8, after 14, 19, and 21. On the 23rd stroke, viciously hard from Kyra, who knows how to do it, Tina quits.

‘Vivien’ (F’f; 10 minutes): Mood staffer Kyra interviews Vivien, a tall glamorous blonde, who claims to have four children and needs the money. After the normal introductions, assurances, and explanation that this audition consists of a 50-stroke caning, Vivien strips naked. While she might not have the most glamorous body we’ve seen in this series, she may be the most brave contestant.

Kyra always canes very hard, with full swings, no pulled punches, often transferring her weight to increase the intensity. And she likes thighs. Vivien kneels up on the bench/table we’ve seen in a few movies, with the inverted-U frame in the middle to keep the victim’s back arched and buttocks in position. Vivien takes 50 strokes, virtually impossible, we thought. We wrote down the words ‘grilled cheese.’

Her First Caning – CALSTAR

27 Sep

F/f; time: 24 minutes

The much used CalStar studio–the white sectional, guitar trophy on the wall, obsolete electronic equipment stacked in the corner, pretty much the scene from the mid-1990’s. Two lesbian girls are preparing to go out for the evening. A Nordic-looking blonde, actress ‘Kate,’ wears only a black bra and black lace boy shorts. She picks through her partner’s clothes, trying to persuade her to lend this item or that for the party.

‘Laura,’  the more mature partner, wearing glasses and her hair in a bun to depict the more adult domme in this relationship, discovers Kate has already been borrowing clothes and she sees she can turn this little situation into an event. She begins to scold and intimidate Kate, who begins to beg and plead. “Please.” “Please, what?….show me you’re sorry.”  Kate gets on her knees and and licks Laura’s fashionable knee-boots.

Kate is gently coaxed over Laura’s lap. Right here, here please, she encourages. A nice slow handspanking begins, excellent camera work, especially over the shoulder. Laura bunches her panties, and suggests maybe we need a “little bit more.” “What do you mean?”

Panties down; in a rough edit, Kate has knelt up on the couch and is bent ovr the back, quite naked. Kate kisses her bottom and probes between her thighs. She steps away and returns with the CalStar soft oval paddle, which must have been in the property room–the director forgot to get it ready. She blindfolds a willing and docile Kate with a sexy black cloth strip.

Kate urges her thighs apart with the paddle for a slow and sexy spanking, some frigs with wet fingers, and increased views of an aroused Kate. Squishy.

After another blackout, Laura returns in the classic doome bustier, garters and stockings, brandishing a cane. Kate takes off her blindfold, comes around the back of the couch and bends over its high back, very much the willing soldier, into very much one of the best caning postures. Blindfold back on, 12 strokes of the cane are shown. Repeats are betrayed by squeals she couldn’t withhold. Excellent closeups of an admirable and eager bottom actually shows red marks the shape of the paddle. The caning concludes abruptly when one stroke lands high on her lower back and she jumps up.

Real Tears – CALSTAR

12 Sep

M/2f; time: 51 minutes

Another familiar schoolgirl story, played out in a classroom set CALSTAR  doesn’t take too many pains to vary. Here we find memorable action and an unusual amount of entertaining ad lib dialogue. A familiar pony-tailed male actor plays ‘Mr. Hodges,’ a teacher to whom girls are being sent to be punished. One can conjure the sound of their little knuckles rapping hesitantly on his door.

Mrs. Gray has sent a cute curly haired brunette to Hodges. She has stolen a bicycle and doesn’t seem too remorseful. She knows what his assignment is but does not want to be spanked. “I don’t want you to touch my bottom, please, sir.” Silly girl.

No matter, Hodges re-arranges desks, takes her OTK, and starts a preliminary smacking. Sniffles. “What? Tears already? I haven’t even started.” “No more, sir.” Hodges happily says: “You know what hurts the most? The humiliation!” He lifts her skirt and shares our surprise–her cheeks are bare. He is shocked at a skimpy red thong. “Take them off.” He gives her a pair of regulation knickers he has on hand. Doesn’t every teacher’s bottom desk drawer have knickers in it?

“Back over,” he orders. Pants down (“That’s better!”), hard breathing, more sniffles. she kicks her heels. Good facials, over-the -shoulder perspective. “It hurts so much, sir.” “No pain, no gain,” he intones. She is released, but Hodges collects his knickers back. This was a light sentence and just a 15 minute film segment.

The next candidate for Hodges is “Lee,” a charming, light-haired, pigtailed, thin, sweetly disheveled, very schoolgirl-like waif. She is late reporting to him, and after we see what will happen to her, we can see why she was in no hurry. The actress laughs at her lines and keeps seeking reassurance from the director.

OTK on a stool, skirt up, she squawks sweetly. Hodges makes Lee stand and strip. “I don’t think that is quite corporal punishment, sir.” Blouse and skirt off, Lee doesn’t need a bra. Just regulation knickers remain which she pulls up tight and high over her stomach in a reflexive juvenile gesture to reduce her embarrassment. Cute, and she is wearing them backwards.

OTK again, Hodges takes the knickers down to her thighs. She has begun crying a bit now. As she wiggles her bottom on his lap, he gradually turns her cheeks a uniform red and pulls the knickers to her ankles. In cunning Scottish: “I’ve heard you are harder than Mr. Davis.” Lee manages to call him “pervert” a few times. “I think you are enjoying this.” On his lap, maybe she can tell whether he is harder than Mr. Davis. But she cries and begs. “I’m going to get you back for this.”

When Lee says she is going to tell her mother, Hodges recalls her naughty mum from when he was in school and suggests she come around for a spanking too.

After this brief spanking, Lee is allowed to stand and she quickly restores her knickers. She must bend over a high stool, and can’t resist a laugh and giggle. Pants down yet again. Hodges uses a very heavy leather tawse, which he suggests a Scottiah girl should be familiar with. Lee yelps and runs off-screen but slinks back for more. She can’t hold position and doubles-up in pain after each crack, providing ample full frontal presentation. Hodges makes her stand “at attention,” quivering, hands at sides, facing us for a full show, while he gets the cane.

Lee will bend “right over,” hands -on-knees, naked but for bobby socks and shoes. There are 12 solid snappy cane strokes. Lee jumps around the room after each, sometimes off-screen, crying, fussing, covering herself, twisting to avoid the swooshing cane, fully displaying her youthful assets. “The more you jump around the longer it is going to take.” Tear-streaked facials. She collapses on her haunches on the floor, sweetly naked, no longer concerned with modesty. There are dialogue exchanges we can’t hear, and some laughter mixed with tears. She acts very much like we behave when we hit our thumb with a hammer. The hands-on-knees posture facilitated all this excitement.

“I want to go home. I’m never coming back to this school!” She is released and hurriedly dresses. On of the better acting jobs on what the cane must really feel like. An actress worth seeking it. Very high marks from us.

Tiffany Gets A Spanking – PACIFIC FORCE

12 Sep


We’ve never been especially entertained by PF products. ‘Miss Jacqueline’ is making a cake when her sister Tiffany ambles in, late and lazy. Tiffany is living off Jacqueline. They argue. “Your trust fund is not going to last forever, you know.”  Huffy Tiffany stubs out a cigarette in J’s cake, earning herself a spanking, something big sister J. has the power to do.

After a short OTK, Tiffany stands and strips down. She is rail-thin, but with a heavy-duty bra at work and a round eye-catching bottom. Jacqueline: “You have no respect for me.” Slow uneventful spanking on beige panties, then on the bare. Good wiggling.

“A quick spanking for a bratty little girl is enough for now.” Tiffany on her haunches on the floor for more scolding and to hear: “Tomorrow night, 10 PM, in your bedroom, for a discipline session, in position, in your spanking outfit, ” like their mom used to do it.

FADE to the bedroom scene: Tiffany kneels on the bed in bra and flowered panties, waiting. We won’t quibble that her bottom is still red from the earlier scene. Jacqueline enters carrying a doubled leather strap. Panties down to the top of her thighs. She lies on the bed, bottom elevated by pillows. Jacqueline is cornered at the conclusion; the director should have kept her pants down.


Debra’s Humiliation – NU WEST NWV-286

12 Sep

F/f; time: 26 minutes

For new readers, we’d like to summarize our amateur observations on this prolific, enterprising, and trailblazing producer of CP films. Production values always lagged the competition (except for the Russians) and the acting has been inconsistent.  But, oh, the girls, the inventive ideas, the development of every little naughty thought you ever conjured!

Some of the films are about making the films. ‘Debra,’ one of NW’s dynamic, showgirl types, has earned a ‘humiliation’ session in the NuWest studios, at the hands of ‘Karen,’ in a presentation which rolls out many of NuWest’s methods. If founder Ed Lee fashions a plot on humiliation, we have a wild ride ahead. Debra is marched through the studio to the filming room. Karen is already naked from the waist down. NW is well aware of how erotic it is for the camera to follow a beautiful naked bottom when the model wears heels.

The scene opens in the blue studio. Debra, another statuesque model, short blond hair, is bening spanked OTK, hard, in just a silk slip and heels. “I’m going to warm your ass good tonight.” NW’s models rarely exhibit ladylike vocabulary–we are in Southern California. Up with the slip, no panties, the lacy tops of her stockings frame her hard bottom.

“I want you to go and get the hairbursh, now!” OTK for a long-handled hairbrush which may be the tool Lee told us was rare and cherished in the spanking community. This segment FADES as the girls embrace.

Next scene, Debra is naked, fastened onto an inverted-V frame, bottom-high and centered on the apex, straps at her knees, back, and wrists. Karen shows us everything she’s got as she circles with a whip. Camera views from overhead, facial, rear, and up between Debra’s legs.

Next scene, Debra is strapped down on her back on a low table. Karen squats naked over her face and Debra does the work. Shots from front and rear, Debra’s mouth hard at work.

Another scene: Debra, naked, strung up and fastened to a spreader bar. Karen, naked but for a leather BDSM harness, circles and works on Debra with a martinet.

The last scene: the most explicit–Karen menaces, wearing a strap-on dildo. Debra is fastened to a T-shaped platform, her bottom just in the right spot for Karen, legs fastened wide, her body pulled over and her wrists fastened low. A pad holds her pelvis stationary. Karen enters from the rear–closeups verify there is no fakery here. It takes the girls a moment to get it going. The rogering is vigorous, in fact humorous too, because the frame squeaks and takes on a bedsprings rhythm as both girls get the hang of the thing and increase the intensity.