Slave Shop – CALSTAR

8 Sep

2MF/f; time: 27 minutes

Routine CalStar fare. No ingenuity to note. Blond Marilyn arrives at the “slave shop,” where she has been hired and will perform for clients and act as a slave. The Mistress, a frizzy blonde worthy of some attention herself, reads Marilyn the house rules on being a slave, about being naked, subservient, and available.

Marilyn is directed to strip to her knickers and does a good job of appearing nervous as she undresses. She is taken OTK and handspanked on her thong-like panties.  She wails off the bat. “Stop crying. This is nothing.”

“Get yourself ready. We’ve got an an important client coming.” Mr. Jester arrives, a scruffy-looking guy who looks like he chained his motorcycle to a lamp post out front, instead of the crusty British gentleman on a night off from the Lady of the manor.

Jester wants a look at Marilyn. Touch toes; kneel on floor; head on floor; knickers down. He blindfolds Marilyn and slowly twirls her nude. Pubic patch. Hands-on-head. Very sexy sequence. Back kneeling on the floor, Jester teases her with a crop, a martinet, and strap. Up again,she must stand on one leg at a time, blindfolded. Teeter-totter, excellent views of her perfect figure.

Jester makes her play with herself, crotch and breasts, and to hold a spanking strap in her mouth. Before any real action begins, the Mistress returns and tells Jester he is “needed somewhere else” and he leaves.

So the Mistress will complete Marilyn’s education. Blindfold off, OTK for a strap, hands-on-couch for the strap. Marilyn is a cute squawker. Neck collar and chain–Marilyn crawls to another guy, Mr. Johnson, sitting enearby, who waits with a cane. She climbs over a trestle and receives a series of harmless cane-taps, although the last six measure up. This concludes this meaningless session.

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