The Administrator – CALSTAR

8 Sep

M /3f; time: 26 minutes

An American production; descriptions we have read about this film seem incongruous with the content, which contains several unrelated CP scenes, filmed in a zero-budget environment and containing BDSM overtones, and while entertaining, differ from the format to which we are accustomed.

Action is underway when the scene opens; an anonymous dude in straw plantation hat and sunglasses is caning a half-naked girl, struggling on a rope, strung up by her wrists. Her lovely brown hair is so long the guy brushes it away from her ample and available bare bottom to strike with the cane. The girl must count out two sets of 6 strokes, and then a final six “real hot ones,” with one sizzler as a coda for good measure. She twists and writhes.

In another scene, not connected, the same Straw Hat requires Lorraine, an attractive short-haired brunette, to take off her clothes, bend over a tall chair, and wait for him. Very nice view, this chair produces, and good anticipation. The Straw Hat has another appointment in another room.

He confronts a sweet blonde in a Daisy Mae print dress and makes her bend over a washing machine (filmed in someones’s shop or house) for a mild paddling, gauzy dress up, bare thonged bottom showing. Thong down, she kneels on the floor, sticks her head in the porthole of the front-loaded washeer. Very nice closeups. He’s going to leave her on “cold wash” and make her wait while he visits another room, like a doctor with bare ladies in a series of waiting rooms.

Back to brunette Lorraine, bent over and waiting, for a mild cropping. She kneels naked upon the chair–maybe the dirtiest bare feet we have ever seen in porn, confirming the tawdry qualities of this studio. She is sexy and vulnerable in this pose. Straw Hat shifts to the cane–mild stuff. A black girl comes on-set and creams Lorraine’s bottom, not worth wondering who or why or where she came from.

Back to the laundry room and the blond bottom sticking out of the machine. Straw Hat pulls her out and make her strip off the shift-like dress. Sweetly nude and a pretty face. Into another room they go, over a table for the cane–8 strokes here, then 20 more kneeling up on a chair, a nice spot for a young lady to be seen.

At the conclusion, the Straw Hat says he will see her here next week. Is he a client who has hired these girls for CP, as the box notes suggest, or maybe he is administering a brothel and in charge of attitude correction? In any case, we appreciated the inventive postures but recommend someone swab the floors before next week.

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