Mood Castings #1 – MOOD PICTURES

9 Sep

Numerous producers have made short films on the theme of auditioning a model to see if she can take the intensity of a spanking production. As you would expect, no one does this better or more severely than Mood.

Girls were interviewed, invited to reveal some very intimate details about their sexual activities and predilections, and then requested to strip naked for a spanking, whipping, paddling, or caning, or sexual torment, as only Mood can do it. Some girls break, while others motor through. We found depictions of girls describing blowjobs with their boyfriends, followed by stripping and spanking, all the eroticisim we needed.

ALICE (13 minutes): Alice is a very thin 26 year-old brunette from Budapest. Staffer Betty does the interview and will do the damage. This will play out as a little story for the film.

Alice strips naked and is portrayed as ‘caught masturbating.’ Betty will cane her, first come 30 strokes while she kneels on the couch. There is not much meat on her bottom to absorb this and there are a lot more strokes to come. The diaper position on the couch, the striking angle does not permit full reach across her buttocks–15 strokes on film. Then grab the ankles, feet wide spread, 2o more strokes.

This variety of poses creates wild ski trails across her bottom and thighs. Alice remains stoic and brave, despite her desperate little cries after each crack.

ANGIE (9 minutes): Very provocative; Angie is a 35 year old local who needs the money and is not afraid to take her clothes off. She quickly strips off her striped jersey, jeans, bra and thong. Already, we are hoping–hire her! Angie kneels on the couch, spreads her knees to display a clean-shaven pussy, and proceeds to take 50 fearsome cane strokes from the female interviewer. Horrendous marks and wheals, almost a shame for such a gorgeous girl.

SANDRA YOUNG (8 minutes): A 21 year old brunette, who admits to having a 4 year old daughter, will take a terrific beating and get the job. As her clothes come off, the female interviewer is quite impressed with her tan. She wears an almost superfluous little black dress and striped panties.

The rule here at Mood is that the audition should consist of 50 cane strokes, which would not seem to work if you expect a girl to work soon thereafter. She kneels on the couch for sets of 10 or 5 until we get to fifty. Congrats! She’s got the job!

SUZANE CONNER (9 minutes): One of the shortest; Suzane is a pretty 21 year old brunette from Budapest. She seeks the excitement and wants the money. After the little interview, she strips off her purple slacks, white bra, and purple thong to display a sensational body.

Suzane kneels on a bed, displays everything, and takes a hard, fast, and wild caning. The female interviewer canes her thighs and the whippy rattan wraps her flanks. After a little break, she declares: “Oh, you’re very brutal,” and quits the assignment, which, if this acting is real, explains the duration. But see it, rent it, please.

YASMINE TAYLOR (8 minutes): A  32 year-old brunette; she saw the ad on the Internet and seeks the excitement and the money. Staffer Kyra will do the caning, ands she does many harsh canings in the Mood catalogue.

Yasmine strips naked and kneels on the couch. Kyra makes it clear 50 strokes are required in the audition. She objects after the first stroke and tries to cover up. After strarts and stops, the caning terminates after just 8 strokes.

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