Term Ends – MOONGLOW

9 Sep

M/4f; year: 1996; time: 30 minutes

An early MOONGLOW, crude production values, but excellent ritual spankings. A plausible male schoolmaster elects to spank a few of his recalcitrant students as a warning that he expects better behavior the next term.

Scene 1: Actress Alison Payne plays ‘Caroline.’ Her father has given the schoomaster authority to spank her. Caroline is ready in the ‘punishment room,’ a small simple set with a faux brick wall and a school desk. Caroline is dragged OTK, knickers down immediately, and left at her thighs. Very brief spanking. More verbal criticism, then over the desk, skirt up, blue knickers down for the cane. “How many, sir?” in Ms. Payne’s Liverpool brogue. 12 strokes shown, odd editing, reversed images at one point; the sounds of a director prompting. A short segment in all, but we repeat–Ms. Payne is world-class when she is bent over a  desk and can wriggle without peer. MOONGLOW opted to save these tarnished scenes because of her.

Scene 2: Karen Watson plays ‘Victoria.’ Raven-haired Ms. Watson specializes in wilting glances into the camera. She is brought to the schoolmaster by Miss Smith. She has been lying about her schoolwork. She gets an OTK spanking, skirt up, panties down, then she is directed to put on a schoolgirl uniform and report to the punishment room. (In case you were wondering if maybe this schoolmaster has more than a professional eye for his girls.} In the room, she goes over the desk, nifty little red pleated skirt up,red thong survives, she takes about 20 cane strokes in choppy, confused editing.

Scene 3: another actress, Susan, is brought in by Miss Smith. She has been cheating from Veronica in exams. Directly to the punishment room, over the desk, full white panties for the slipper. She admits cheating and earns the cane, on the bare–just 6 strokes in this short segment.

Scene 4: Miss Smith herself seemed a developing candidate; an older woman compared to the young ladies above, she is suspicious of the schoolmaster and accuses him of prurient interests in Victoria’s fanny. He suggests she is responsible for the girls’ failures. “I should take you to the punishment room.” “What on earth for, please…I have somewhere to go.” “Yes you do, to the punishment room.” Miss Smith wears a conservative sophisticated blouse and skirt, befitting her status. She is soon bent over the desk. Not so elite, this madame is any more, this position tending to be the great leveler. Four sharp cane strokes on her skirt before she is ordered to take it off. “Oh, no, sir,” she demurs, but just for a second. Beige satin full knickers and a garter belt. These staff spankings can be fun.

The schoolmastewr doesn’t pause. “We’ll have these [knickers] out of the way too.” Another weak protest; “You didn’t say I had to take those down.” Panties down slowly, bottom perfectly framed by garters, nice half-dozen cane cracks. Always good to let the ladies in the office know they are not exempt.

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